Women's Economic Ventures Helps Local Entrepreneurs Succeed and Grow

Since 1991, Women’s Economic Ventures (WEV) has helped low-and moderate-income women and men achieve self-sufficiency through self employment training, consulting, and access to capital. The following WEV services are available to women and men in Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties.

Business Plan Courses

WEV’s 14-week Self-Employment Training (SET) and six-week Business Plan Intensive (BPI) courses provide guidance on starting or expanding a business by teaching the skills to assess feasibility, avoid costly mistakes and create a well conceived business plan. Graduates benefit from a local network of fellow entrepreneurs, expert guest speakers and an instructor experienced in owning a small business.

SET courses in Ventura and Camarillo begin in February and September. The BPI course in Ventura begins in September. Attendance of a free, 1-hour orientation is required in order to enroll in WEV’s courses.

Business Loans

WEV’s Small Business Loan Fund provides loans up to $25,000 to start-up businesses and up to $50,000 for existing businesses. The Loan Fund was created to diversify and expand the local economy and create new jobs by providing capital to small businesses that do not quality for conventional bank financing. Applicants must have resided in Santa Barbara or Ventura County for over a year.

Specialized Long-Term Consulting

Thrive in Five® provides long-term, individualized training, consulting and coaching for entrepreneurs in business at least one year. Regular one-on-one meetings with a business specialist and quarterly roundtables with peers keep the business owner accountable to their annual plan and goals, and prepared to overcome the unforeseen challenges that come along the way.

Since 2007, WEV client businesses have created and retained over 2,100 local jobs and have generated an estimated $6 million in tax revenues for the state and local economy Every dollar invested in WEV returns 12 dollars to the local economy. WEV served over 1,000 clients through training, consulting, coaching and mentoring in 2012 alone.

Visit www.wevonline.org to learn more about WEV services or perhaps support the organization with a donation! The Ventura County office is located at 374 Poli Street, Suite 207, Ventura and can be reached at (805) 667-8004.