Christina Applegate Double Masectomy

Emmy Award-winning actress Christina Applegate was intereviewed on Good Morning America today about her very recent decision to have a double masectomy in response to learning she had breast cancer in one of her breasts.  The surgery took place about 3 weeks ago.

It was uplifting to see how positive, determined, and good-spirited this talented actress, whom many of us (especially us guys) know all so well from her 10 year stint on Married with Children in the late 80s/early 90s, was in the interview (click here to see it).

Her decision was obviously not an easy one, but was based on an assessment of the facts.  She tested positive for the BRCA1 gene that is an early indicator for breast cancer.  Her mother is a breast cancer survivor.  A doctor-ordered MRI confirmed the breast cancer diagnosis.  She decided to have the surgery to ensure the cancer would not come back (she is 100% cancer free now) and to alleviate the need to have chemotherapy and other recurring treatments.

Christina, who looks incredible at age 36 and only 3 weeks after surgery, says she wants to increase awareness of breast cancer screening and in particular, find a way to help women at risk but lack finances to pay for the expensive BRCA1 testing and MRI screening. 

She went on to joke about how in the coming year she will have reconstructive breast surgery and that her new boobs will make her the envy of other 90 years olds sitting around the bridge table in the nursing home.  She describes how humor has helped her deal with her challenge and that she is ready for the next challenge of helping others facing the same issues.

Applegate is scheduled to appear on the Stand Up To Cancer fundraiser on September 5th.  See for more information.  She is also rumored to be playing the part of actress Elizabeth Montgomery, who died due to colorectal cancer, in the 2009 movie "Everything Is Going to Be Just Fine."

We wish you well, Christina!  We admire you.