How to Sign Up For Southern California Edison Outage Alerts

In extreme weather conditions, when heat and low humidity combine with high winds, Southern California Edison (SCE) may activate a Public Safety Power Shutoff when power is turned off in a high fire risk area.

Here in the Ventura County and Greater Los Angeles County area, one particularly challenging extreme weather condition arises when Santa Ana winds and low humidity increase the possibility of wildfire conditions.

Learn more about Public Safety Power Shutoff scenarios and how they work at

Customers can report or inquire about outages at 800-611-1911 and get the latest information using the SCE outages app at Customers can also get the latest information by visiting or at and

Customer can also receive outage alerts via email, voice message and/or text message. First, you have to register your account at

After creating your account (which requires that you verify your account using an existing phone number on file…which could be way outdated if you’ve lived in your home a long time and never updated your account), log in and update your contact information.

Then, go to My Account/Profile/Outage Alert Preferences and scroll down to the “Want to be notified?” section and click “Manage Notifications.” It takes seconds to complete and, wallah, you’ll receive outage updates in the future.

Register to Vote for the November 6, 2018 General Election by October 22nd


The State of California makes it easy to register to vote online at The system will search the DMV database for your California driver license or ID card, date of birth and last four digits of your Social Security Number.

While registering to vote, you will be asked if you want to disclose a political party preference, which currently includes: American Independent, Democratic, Green, Libertarian, Peace and Freedom, Republican and "Other." Or you can indicate that you prefer not to disclose your preference.

While registering, you can also choose a permanent vote by mail ballot, which is a nice feature that I've used for years.

The Ventura County Clerk and Recorder Elections Division will contact you when the registration is approved or if additional information is needed.

You can also use the online registration to re-register when you 1) move to a new permanent residence; 2) change your name; or 3) want to change your political party preference.

All U.S. citizen residents of California age 18 or older on Election Day are eligible to vote, unless you are found to be mentally incompetent by a court or are in jail, prison or on parole for certain felonies (described in more detail at this link).

You can also register to vote the old fashioned way by picking up a paper voter registration application at the Ventura County elections office, library, DMV or post office.

Can you vote online? Nope. You'd think that we'd have figured out a way to do that by now, but the State indicates "For security reasons, California law prohibits casting a ballot over the Internet. This also means that county elections officials cannot accept marked ballots sent via email from military and overseas voters." (who may only vote by mail or fax).

To vote for the November 6, 2018 Statewide General Election you must be registered by October 22, 2018!

Registered Voters in Ventura County

Here in Ventura County, as of October 12, 2018 there are 442,333 registered voters, compared to 433,324 on October 29, 2014. That’s a 2% increase. By party:

  • 176,426 Democrats, up 6,560, or 7.5%, from 169,866 registered October 29, 2014.

  • 131,884 Republicans, down 16,272, or 11%, from 148,156 registered October 29, 2014.

  • 110,375 Non-Partisan, up 18,751, or 20.5%, from 91,624 registered October 29, 2014.

  • 23,648 Other Parties, almost the same as the 23,628 registered October 29, 2014.

Exercise your right to vote! Learn more about Ventura County elections on the Ventura County Registrar of Voters website at

Links to Over 300 Employer Job Websites in Ventura County and Adjacent Areas


Looking for local jobs in and around Ventura County!? Here are over 300 links to job listings at employers throughout Ventura County (Thousand Oaks, Westlake Village, Newbury Park, Simi Valley, Moorpark, Camarillo, Oxnard, Somis, Santa Paula, Fillmore, Ojai, Ventura, Port Hueneme) and adjacent cities like Calabasas, Agoura, Malibu, Woodland Hills, Chatsworth, West Hills, Carpinteria and Santa Barbara as well as the San Fernando Valley.

Some practical resume submission tips

Local volunteer opportunities

Corporate, School, Healthcare Career Websites

Next to each listing is the number of local jobs listed at a particular date. Obviously these will change over time but we try to update these regularly to give you a feel for what's out there.

Pepsi Beverage Co: (4 Ventura, SF Valley jobs 10/16/18)

Phillips Graduate University: (3 Chatsworth jobs 10/16/18)

Pleasant Holidays: (1 Westlake Village job 10/16/18)

Pleasant Valley School District: (20+ jobs 10/16/18)

Premier America Credit Union: (11 local jobs 10/16/18)

PTI Technologies: (8 Oxnard jobs 10/16/18)

Puretec Water: (1 Oxnard job 9/8/18)

Quality Innovative Solutions, Inc.: (Various jobs)

Qualstar: (Contact them)

Quantum Mechanix: (5 Chatsworth jobs 10/16/18)

QAD: (5 Santa Barbara jobs 10/16/18)

Quest Diagnostics: (Search for West Hills jobs)

Quinn Company: (5 Oxnard jobs 10/16/18)

Rancho Simi Recreation and Park District: (4 part-time Simi Valley jobs 10/16/18)

Rapattoni Corp: (Contact them for Simi Valley jobs)

Raytheon: (159 Goleta, Point Mugu jobs 10/16/18)

ReachLocal: (5 Woodland Hills jobs 10/16/18)

Reagan Foundation: (15 Simi Valley jobs 10/16/18)

Regal Medical Group: (Over 150 San Fernando Valley and Ventura County jobs 10/16/18)

Regency Lighting: (1 Chatsworth job 10/16/18)

Reiter Affiliated Companies: (4 Oxnard jobs 10/16/18)

Respawn Entertainment: (30 Chatsworth jobs 10/4/18)

REX Real Estate: (19 Woodland Hills and other local jobs 10/16/18)

Rexnord Industries: (15 Simi Valley jobs 10/16/18)

Rincon Consultants: (10+ Ventura jobs 10/16/18)

Riverbed Technology (acquired Xirrus): (1 Thousand Oaks job 10/16/18)

Roadrunner Shuttle: (No listed jobs - must apply)

Roberts Tool Company: (9 Chatsworth jobs 10/4/18)

Ronlo Engineering: (3 Camarillo jobs 10/4/18)

R. R. Donnelly: (Search for Westlake Village jobs)

RTC Aerospace: (no Chatsworth jobs 10/4/18)

Rusnak Auto Group: (13 Thousand Oaks jobs 10/4/18)

Saalex Solutions: (search for local jobs)

Sage Publications: (30 Thousand Oaks jobs 10/4/18)

Sails Group: (contact them for local caregiver jobs)

Salem Media Group: (7 Camarillo jobs 10/4/18)

Santa Barbara Applied Research: (Search for jobs)

Scosche Industries: (1 Oxnard job 10/4/18)

Securitas: (6 Westlake Village jobs 10/4/18)

Seek Thermal: (2 Santa Barbara jobs 10/4/18)

Sedgwick: (11 SFV jobs 10/4/18))

Bayer: (6 Oxnard jobs 6/28/17)

Semtech: (3 Camarillo jobs 6/28/17)

Seneca: (3 Oxnard jobs 10/4/18)

Sensata Technologies: (9 Thousand Oaks jobs 10/4/18)

Servicemaster: (Various Ventura County jobs)

Shire (formerly Baxalta, Baxter): (28 Conejo Valley jobs 10/4/18)

Sideshow Collectibles: (3 Thousand Oaks jobs 10/4/18)

Sientra: (3 Santa Barbara jobs 10/4/18)

Silgan Containers: (1 Woodland Hills job 10/4/18)

Simi Valley Hospital: (61 jobs 10/4/18)

Simi Valley USD (Various classified positions)

Simpliphi Power (2 Ojai jobs 10/4/18)

Skurka Aerospace: (contact them)

Skyworks Solutions: (21 Newbury Park jobs 6/28/17)

Sloan LED: (2 Ventura jobs 10/4/18)

SL Power Electronics: (1 Ventura job 10/4/18)

Smiths (1 Thousand Oaks job 10/4/18)

Smucker's: (8 Oxnard jobs 10/4/18)

Softengine: (5 Woodland Hills jobs 10/4/18)

Sonos: (18 Santa Barbara jobs 8/21/18)

Source Photonics: (3 West Hills jobs 8/21/18)

Southern California Edison: (search for jobs)

Spatz Labs: (Search for Oxnard jobs 8/21/18)

Spirent Communications: (3 Calabasas jobs 8/21/18)

STS Education: (1 Simi Valley job 8/21/18)

Sutherland Presses (5 Malibu jobs 8/21/18)

Stantec: (11 Ventura County, Van Nuys jobs 8/21/18)

State Farm: (2 Glendale jobs 8/21/18)

Stellar Biotech: (No Port Hueneme jobs 8/21/18)

Sunrise Senior Living: (Dozens of local jobs)

Swiss Re: (No Westlake Village jobs 8/21/18)

Synectic  Solutions, (9 Oxnard jobs 8/21/18)

Sysco: (12 local jobs 8/21/18)

T3 Innovation: (Contact them)

Taft Electric: (7 jobs 8/21/18) (1 Camarillo job 8/21/18)

Teledyne Scientific & Imaging: (9 Camarillo/Thousand Oaks jobs 8/21/18)

Teradyne: (2 Agoura jobs 8/21/18)

Tetra (3 Camarillo jobs 8/21/18)

The Oaks Mall: (4 Thousand Oaks jobs 8/21/18)

The Trade Desk: (20 Ventura jobs 8/21/18)

Thermo Fisher (15 Canoga Park, Thousand Oaks jobs 8/21/18)

Topa Insurance: (4 Calabasas jobs 8/21/18)

Turning Point Foundation: (1 Ventura job 8/21/18)

United Water Conservation District: (1 job 8/21/18)

Universal Music Group: (16 Woodland Hills jobs 7/15/18)

Ventura County Community Colleges: (104 mostly part-time teaching jobs 7/15/18)

Ventura County Credit (5 jobs 7/15/18)

Ventura County Office of Education (25 jobs 7/15/18)

Ventura County Rescue Mission: (10 Ventura County jobs 7/15/18)

Ventura County Star (3 Ventura jobs 7/15/18)

Ventura Unified School District: (29 jobs 7/15/18)

Viking Cruises: (21 Woodland Hills jobs 7/15/18)

VPI: (Check for Camarillo jobs)

VSolvit: (search for local jobs)

VW of America: (1 Woodland Hills job 7/15/18)

Wells Fargo: (search for Ventura County jobs)

West Hills Hospital & Medical Center (53 West Hills jobs 7/15/18)

Western General Insurance: (6 Woodland Hills 7/15/18)

Western Saw: (Oxnard - submit application)

Westlake Hyatt: (Various jobs)

Westlake Village Inn: (Various jobs)

Xavient: (8 Simi Valley jobs 7/15/18)

XYPRO: (3 Simi Valley jobs 7/15/18)

Yardi: (41 Oxnard/Santa Barbara jobs 5/17/18)

YTC America: 2 Camarillo jobs 5/17/18)

Zebra Technologies: (1 Agoura job 5/17/18)

Zenith Insurance: (4 Woodland Hills jobs 5/17/18)

Zynga: (No Camarillo jobs 5/17/18)

ZPower: (19 Camarillo jobs 5/17/18)

Abbott: (44 Northridge jobs 8/21/18)

Abrisa Technologies: (Santa Paula - email your resume)

Abbyson: (6 Moorpark jobs 5/17/18)

ABC Clio: (1 Goleta job 5/17/18)

Accessory Power: (3 Westlake Village jobs 5/17/18)

ADP: (7 Woodland Hills jobs 5/17/18)

ADT: (18 Chatsworth jobs 5/17/18)

Advanced Bio-Logic Solutions: (20 Thousand Oaks jobs 5/17/18)

Advanced Motion Controls: (6 Camarillo jobs 5/17/18)

AECOM: (11 Santa Barbara, Camarillo jobs 5/17/18)

Aegis Medical Systems: (Various Canoga Park jobs)

AERA Energy: (No Ventura jobs 5/17/18)

Aerovironment: (44 Simi Valley jobs 5/17/18)

AGIA: (4 Carpinteria jobs 5/17/18)

Agilent: (25 Carpinteria jobs 5/17/18)

Aitech Defense Systems: (4 Chatsworth jobs 5/17/18)

AMCAL Housing (search for Agoura Hills jobs)

American Homes 4 Rent: (6 Agoura jobs 5/10/18)

American Water: (No Ventura County jobs 5/10/18)

AmeriHome Mortgage: (34 Woodland Hills jobs 5/10/18)

Amgen: (233 Thousand Oaks jobs 5/10/18)

Anthem: (search for Thousand Oaks jobs)

Applied Merchant: (Contact them)

Arete Associates: (1 Northridge job 5/10/18)

A.R.M. Solutions: (1 Camarillo job 5/10/18)

Arnold Magnetics: (2 Camarillo jobs 5/10/18)

Assisted Healthcare (Various local home health jobs)

Atara Bio: (28+ Westlake Village jobs 5/10/18)

AT&T: (Search here)

Aveox: (1 Simi Valley job 5/10/18)

Bank of America: (Over 100 Ventura County and other local area jobs 5/10/18)

Battery-Biz: (Contact them for Camarillo jobs)

Bauer Hockey: (4 Thousand Oaks jobs 5/10/18)

Binder USA: (Search for Camarillo jobs)

Blackline Systems: (49 Woodland Hills jobs 5/10/18)

Blue Microphones: (4 Westlake Village jobs 5/10/18)

Blue Shield of California: (53 Woodland Hills jobs 5/10/18)

BMW Group Designworks USA: (7 Oxnard, Newbury Park jobs 5/1/18)

BrightView (formerly ValleyCrest): (Various local jobs)

Brookdale Senior Living: (21 Camarillo, Chatsworth jobs 5/1/18)

Bruker Corp: (15 Santa Barbara, Camarillo jobs 5/1/18)

C3 Intelligence, Inc: (2 Westlake Village jobs 5/1/18)

Cabrillo Economic Development (4 Ventura jobs 5/1/18) (2 Oxnard jobs 5/1/18)

CalAtlantic (formerly Ryland) (1 Thousand Oaks job 5/1/18)

Calavo (2 Santa Paula job 3/24/18)

Caldera (5 Agoura jobs 3/24/18)

Cal Lutheran (3 staff/faculty jobs 3/24/18)

California State University Channel Islands - (69 jobs 3/24/18)

California State University Channel Islands - (11 jobs 3/24/18) (5 Westlake Village jobs 3/24/18)

Camarillo Health Care District: (1 job 3/24/18) (No Simi jobs 3/24/18)

Capstone Turbine: (1 Van Nuys job 3/19/18)

Carpinteria Water District: (Apply here)

Casa Pacifica: (23 Camarillo/Santa Barbara jobs 3/5/18)

CBC Federal Credit Union: (7 local jobs 3/5/18)

CBOL Corp: (several Chatsworth jobs 3/5/18)

CBS: (26 Burbank jobs 1/20/18)

Centene Corp: (84 Woodland Hills jobs (3/5/18) (Centene acquired HealthNet in March 2016)

Chatsworth Products, Inc. (5 local jobs 3/5/18)

The Cheesecake Factory: (21 Calabasas jobs 3/5/18)

Child Care Resource Center: (27 Chatsworth/SF Valley jobs 3/5/18)

Child Development Resources: (10 Ventura County jobs 3/5/18)

City of Agoura Hills: (6 jobs 3/5/18)

City of Calabasas: ( 4 part-time jobs 3/5/18)

City of Camarillo: (1 job 3/5/18)

City of Carpinteria: (3 jobs 3/5/18)

City of Fillmore: (1 job 3/19/18)

City of Malibu: (7 jobs 3/19/18)

City of Moorpark: (1 job 3/19/18)

City of Ojai: (3 jobs 3/19/18)

City of Oxnard: (28 jobs 3/19/18)

City of Port Hueneme: (3 jobs 3/19/18)

City of Santa Barbara: (9 jobs 3/19/18)

City of Santa (3 jobs 3/19/18)

City of Simi (9 jobs 3/15/18)

City of Thousand (1 job 3/19/18)

City of (10 jobs 3/19/18)

Clinicas del Camino (16 Ventura County jobs 3/19/18)

Cobalt (3 Simi Valley jobs 3/19/18)

Cold (check for Ventura jobs)

Communications & Power (8 Camarillo jobs 3/19/18)

Community Memorial Hospital: (60 jobs 3/19/18)

Conejo Recreation & Park District: (seasonal jobs Feb 2018)

Conejo Valley Unified School (10 full/part-time jobs 1/7/18)

Conrad Hilton (4 Agoura jobs 3/1/18) (20 Santa Barbara/Westlake Village jobs 3/1/18)

Conversions (apply for Oxnard jobs)

Cool (check for Oxnard jobs)

CoolPlanet Energy (No Camarillo jobs 3/1/18)

County of Santa (35 jobs 3/1/18)

County of Ventura: (44 jobs 1/7/18)

Coverhound: (5 Westlake Village jobs 1/7/18)

Creative Digital Systems Integration (3 Simi Valley jobs 1/7/18)

Cumulus Media: (2 Ventura jobs 1/7/18)

Cure Pharmaceutical: (3 Oxnard jobs 1/7/18)

Custom Control Sensors: (1 Chatsworth job 1/7/18)

CVS Caremark: (Search for local jobs)

Cydcor: (12 Westlake Village jobs 1/7/18)

Cynvenio Biosystems: (3 Westlake Village jobs 1/7/18)

Dairy Farmers of America: (4 Ventura jobs 1/7/18)

Dako (Division of Agilent): (Search for Carpinteria, WLV jobs)

Danaher (Implant Direct): (10 Thousand Oaks jobs 5/10/18)

DataDirect Networks: (2 Chatsworth jobs 1/7/18)

Datavo: (4 Agoura Hills jobs 1/7/18)

Deckers Outdoor: (29 Goleta, Camarillo jobs 1/7/18)

DEKRA Insight: (2 Oxnard jobs 1/7/18)

Delta Tau Data Systems: (14 Chatsworth jobs 1/7/18)

DEX: (4 Camarillo jobs 1/7/18)

Dignity Health (St. John's Regional Medical Center and St. John's Pleasant Valley Hospital): (Over 100 Oxnard/Camarillo jobs 8/21/18)

Dole Food Company: (no Westlake Village jobs 1/7/18)

Dow-Key Microwave: (4 Ventura jobs 1/7/18)

DP Technology: (1 Camarillo job 1/7/18)

Driscoll's: (1 Oxnard job 1/7/18)

Drum Workshop: (4 Oxnard jobs 1/7/18)

DTS Digital Entertainment: (1 Calabasas job 1/7/18)

Dukes Aerospace: (contact them)

Dun & Bradstreet: (1 Malibu jobs 1/7/18)

Dynamic Automation: (apply for Simi Valley jobs)

Dytran: (10 Chatsworth jobs 10/4/18)

Eaton: (6 Camarillo jobs 1/7/18)

ECA Medical Instruments: (check for Newbury Park jobs)

Edwards Label:!career/c10o5 (Contact HR for Ventura jobs) (14 Ventura County jobs 8/21/18)

Ensign-Bickford Aerospace: (6 Moorpark jobs 1/7/18)

Entech Instruments: (3 Simi Valley jobs 1/7/18)

ESI Motion: (various Simi Valley jobs)

Farmers Group: (63 Woodland Hills jobs 1/7/18)

FedEx: (Check for Woodland Hills, Ventura jobs)

First 5 Ventura County: (1 job 1/7/18)

505 Games: (4 Calabasas jobs 1/7/18)

FLIR Systems: (16 Goleta jobs 1/7/18)

Food Share of VCVC: (1 job 1/7/18)

Four Seasons Hotel: (Search for Westlake Village jobs)

Freudenberg Medical: (3 Carpinteria jobs 1/7/18)

Giant Bicycles: (3 Newbury Park jobs 1/7/18)

GlobalWide Media: (1 Westlake Village jobs 1/7/18)

Gold Coast Health Plan: (7 Camarillo jobs 10/29/17)

Golden Hippo Media: (7 local jobs 11/12/17)

Golden State Medical Supply: (1 Camarillo job 11/12/17)

Goodwill Industries: (over 20 VC jobs 11/12/17)

Grossman Imaging Centers: (apply)

Gsolutionz: (No Ventura jobs 11/12/17)

Guitar Center: (4 Westlake Village jobs 11/12/17)

Haas Automation: (31 Oxnard jobs 11/12/17)

Harbor (46 Calabasas, Camarillo jobs 11/12/17) (17 Northridge jobs 11/12/17)

Harris Corp: (17 Chatsworth jobs 11/12/17)

Golden Hippo Media: (7 local jobs 11/12/17)

Golden State Medical Supply: (1 Camarillo job 11/12/17)

Goodwill Industries: (over 20 VC jobs 11/12/17)

Grossman Imaging Centers: (apply)

Gsolutionz: (No Ventura jobs 11/12/17)

Guitar Center: (4 Westlake Village jobs 11/12/17)

Haas Automation: (31 Oxnard jobs 11/12/17)

Harbor (46 Calabasas, Camarillo jobs 11/12/17) (17 Northridge jobs 11/12/17)

Harris Corp: (17 Chatsworth jobs 11/12/17)

Hawker Pacific Aerospace: (19 Sun Valley jobs 11/12/17)

HEICO Corp: (5 Chatsworth jobs 11/12/17)

Home (various local jobs)

HRL (Dozens of Malibu jobs 11/12/17)

Impact (1 Camarillo job 11/12/17)

Industrial Tools (No Oxnard jobs 11/12/17) (3 Calabasas jobs 11/12/17)

Inogen: (5 Santa Barbara jobs 11/12/17)

Inphi: (3 Westlake Village jobs 11/12/17)

iPayment: (7 Westlake Village jobs 11/12/17)

Integrity Bio: (3 Camarillo/NP jobs 11/12/17)

Interface Family Services: / (8 part/full-time Camarillo jobs 11/12/17)

Interlink Electronics: (Contact them)

Intuit: (13 Woodland Hills jobs 11/12/17)

Invenios (check for Santa Barbara jobs)

Invoca: (5 Santa Barbara jobs 11/12/17)

ITT: (39 Valencia jobs 9/30/18)

Ixia: (4 Calabasas jobs 11/12/17)

JD Power: (14 Westlake Village jobs 11/12/17)

JH Biotech: (3 Ventura jobs 11/12/17) (no Westlake Village jobs 11/12/17)

Jakks Pacific (apply here for Malibu jobs)

Jensen Design (4 Ventura jobs 11/12/17)

JIMS: (Contact them for Camarillo jobs)

Johanson Technology:  (6 Camarillo jobs 10/23/17)

Jordano's: (2 Santa Barbara, Ventura jobs 10/23/17)

Kaiser Permanente: (search for local jobs)

KBR Wyle Labs: (4 Pt. Mugu jobs 10/23/17)

Kellstrom Defense: (6 Camarillo jobs 3/19/18)

Kinamed Inc. (Contact them in Camarillo)

Kretek International (7 Moorpark jobs 10/23/17)

L-3 Communications: (search for local area jobs)

La Reina High School: (1 Thousand Oaks job 10/23/17)

Lamps Plus: (8 Chatsworth jobs 10/23/17)

Laritech: (1 Moorpark job 10/23/17)

Las Virgenes Unified School District (10 jobs 10/23/17)

Limoneira: (contact them)

Line 6: (3 Calabasas jobs 10/9/17)

Livingston Memorial: (12 local jobs 7/24/18)

Logix (various local jobs)

Los Angeles Rams: (2 Thousand Oaks jobs 10/9/17)

Los Robles Medical Center (81 Thousand Oaks jobs 10/9/17)

Luna: (3 Camarillo jobs 10/9/17)

MannKind Corporation: (2 Westlake Village jobs 10/9/17)

Many Mansions: (3 Thousand Oaks jobs 10/9/17)

Meathead Movers: (Apply for Ventura County jobs)

Medtronic: (over 100 Northridge jobs 10/9/17)

Meggitt: (No local jobs 10/9/17)

Meissner Filtration Products (4 Camarillo jobs 10/9/17)

Merchant Centric: (1 WLV job 10/9/17)

MGA Entertainment: (20 SF Valley jobs 3/12/18)

Microsemi: (no Camarillo jobs 10/9/17)

Mission Produce: (apply for Oxnard jobs)

MNS Engineers: (4 Westlake Village, Santa Barbara jobs 10/9/17)

mobileStorm: (2 Van Nuys jobs 10/9/17)

Moorpark Unified School District: (9 classified jobs 10/9/17)

Motion Picture & Television Fund: (21 Woodland Hills jobs 10/9/17) (7 Westlake Village jobs 10/9/17)

MRV Communications: (email them for Chatsworth jobs)

MUFG: (2 local jobs 10/9/17) (No Calabasas jobs 10/9/17)

National Coatings: (1 Camarillo job 10/9/17)

NEOTech: (4 Chatsworth jobs 9/27/17)

National Notary Association: (3 Chatsworth job 10/9/17)

National Veterinarian Associates: (14 Agoura jobs 10/9/17)

Northrop Grumman: (search for Ventura/San Fernando Valley/Carpinteria jobs)

Nova Development: (3 Calabasas jobs 9/27/17)

NTS: (no Calabasas jobs 9/27/17)

Nuance (3 Agoura jobs 8/21/18)

NuSil Technology: (6 Carpinteria jobs 9/27/17)

Ojai Valley Inn: (Various full/part-time jobs)

Ojai Valley Sanitary District: (no jobs 9/27/17)

Omni Update:  (11 Camarillo jobs 9/27/17)

Ontic: (13 Chatsworth jobs 9/27/17)

Ontraport: (Various Santa Barbara jobs 9/27/17)

Orbital ATK: (27 Goleta, Northridge jobs 9/27/17)

PNC: (search for Calabasas jobs)

Power Machinery (1 Oxnard job 8/12/17)

PPG Industries: (search for local jobs)

Premier America: (various local jobs)

Procore: (53 Carpinteria jobs 8/12/17)

Procter & Gamble: (Search for Woodland Hills, Oxnard jobs)

Opto Test: (search for Camarillo jobs)

Oxnard School District (14 classified and certificated jobs 8/12/17)

Oxnard Union H.S. District (Search for jobs)

PacificComp: (1 Thousand Oaks job 8/12/17)

Pacific Coast Civil: (2 Agoura jobs 8/12/17)

Pacific View Mall: (2 Ventura jobs 8/12/17)

Pacific Western Bank: (1 local job 8/12/17)

Panavision: (2 Woodland Hills jobs 8/12/17)

Parker: (15 Camarillo/Oxnard jobs 8/12/17)

Patagonia: (25 Ventura jobs 8/1/17)

Paychex (search for Woodland Hills, Ventura jobs)

PBS Biotech: (1 Camarillo job 8/1/17)

PennyMac: (67 Moorpark, Westlake Village jobs 8/1/17)

Pepperdine University: (46 staff jobs 8/1/17)

Other Local Job Sources

Craigslist Ventura County:

Craigslist Los Angeles: (hourly, fast food, retail):

Federal Government Jobs: (Over 100 jobs in the area as of 2/27/18)

AppleOne: (Over 200 jobs within a 20 mile radius of Thousand Oaks 2/27/18)

Employers Depot: (30 temp to hire Ventura County jobs 2/27/18) Search for education jobs by state, school district, county, etc. at  (228 job postings for 453 job vacancies as of 2/27/18 in Ventura County at THIS LINK)

Conejo Valley Meal and Shelter Program Providers


The following Conejo Valley locations take part in a program that provides year-round meals on designated nights of the week to individuals who are in need.  And from December to March, both dinner (6:30 pm) and overnight shelter is offered.

This information is current as of May 2018. Subject to change. Call in advance to confirm.


Holy Trinity Lutheran Church

1 W. Avenida de los Arboles, Thousand Oaks (805.492.1234)

Sleeping facilities for up to 15 people during winter months. Visit for more information. Hot dinner at 6:30pm year-round.


Calvary Community Church

5495 Via Rocas, Westlake Village (818.991.8040)

Visit for more information. Dinner at 6:30pm year-round.


Westminster Presbyterian Church

32111 Watergate Rd., Westlake Village (818.889.1491)  Hot meals at 6:30pm Wednesday nights year-round.


Emmanuel Presbyterian Church

588 Camino Manzanas, Thousand Oaks (805.498.4502)

Meal site from April-November

Chinese Christian Church of Thousand Oaks

218 W. Janss Road, Thousand Oaks (805.379.0882)

Meal and overnight site from December-March


Thousand Oaks United Methodist Church

1000 E. Janss Rd, Thousand Oaks (805.495.7215)

Visit Meals at 6:30pm Friday nights year-round.


St. Julie Billiart Catholic Church

2475 Borchard Rd, Newbury Park (805.498.3602)

Meals served for up to 50 people and shelter for up to 30 during winter months. Dinner at 6:30pm on Saturday nights year-round.


St Patrick's Episcopal Church

1 Church Rd, Thousand Oaks (805.495.6441)

Meal site from April-November

Temple Adat Elohim

2420 E. Hillcrest Dr, Thousand Oaks (805.497.7101)

Meal and overnight site from December-March. Hot meal for 50 to 80 people. Overnight accommodation for 20 to 35 people.


Purple Heart Trail Signs on U.S. Highway 101 in Ventura County Commemorate Veterans

Purple Heart Trail.JPG

In November 2014, Caltrans District 7 installed two signs designating a segment of U.S. Highway 101 as part of the National Purple Heart Trail — a system of signed highways, bridges, and other monuments that honor soldiers who have received the Purple Heart medal.

One of these signs can be seen on the northbound 101 in Thousand Oaks, right before the Westlake Boulevard offramp. The other sign is near the Bates Road offramp of the southbound 101.

These two signs complete 240 continuous miles of Purple Heart trail in California, from Ventura County to Monterey.

Senate Concurrent Resolution No. 27 established specified portions of US Highway 101 in the counties of Santa Barbara and Ventura for inclusion in the National Purple Heart Trail.

The U.S. 101 in Ventura County is also dedicated to the U.S. Army's 101st Airborne Division as commemorated by "The Screaming Eagles Hwy - 101st Airborne Division" placed nearby.

CPUC Reminds Customers of New Dialing Procedure for 805 Area Code in Preparation for 820 Area Code Overlay


The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) approved an area code overlay in the 805 Area Code Region in May 2017. Why? Because we're running out of 805 phone numbers!

The new overlay area code to be added beginning June 30, 2018 is 820.  

The 805 region serves most of San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, and Ventura Counties and small portions of Monterey and Kern Counties.

The 805 area code was created in 1957, splitting from the 213 area code and covering the coastal and inland areas north of Los Angeles. The 805 area code was reduced to its current configuration along the coast when the 661 was split off of it in 1999.

But wait...aside from an additional area code, there's another slight inconvenience involved that we all need to be aware of. For those that actually dial the phone (yes, that includes you, Millennials), you will be required to dial, on land lines, 1 + area code + telephone number for ALL calls in the region - even 805 to 805 calls - beginning June 2, 2018. Yes, MANDATORY.

Slightly different for cell phones - you can dial the area code + phone number or the 1 + area code + phone number.  Yes, you save a digit on cell phones!

This new dialing procedure is encouraged to be used beginning December 1, 2017, which gives us 6 months to get used to it. The CPUC calls this the "permissive dialing period." 

The CPUC also reminds the public to reprogram any equipment that currently relies on just the 7-digit phone number to dial the 1 + area code + phone number, as you will be impacted starting June 2, 2018.

Learn more at

2018 Amgen Tour of California May 13-19 Includes Ventura to Santa Barbara Stage May 14


Cycling fans can begin plotting their roadside viewing points along the 2018 Amgen Tour of California route.

The 13th edition of America's premier cycling stage race will cover 645 miles of roadways, highways and coastlines during seven stages from Long Beach to Sacramento May 13-19.

Three of the sport's greatest are confirmed to race this year: Mark Cavendish (Team Dimension Data), Marcel Kittel (Team KATUSHA ALPECIN) and "King of California" Peter Sagan (BORA-hansgrohe), cycling's first three-time consecutive World Champion, who also holds the California race record for most stage wins (16).

Sagan, who recently won his 2018 season opener, will come into the Amgen Tour of California defending his seventh California Green Jersey for dominating the race's overall Sprint competition.

The Amgen Tour of California Women's Race empowered with SRAM, showcasing the world's best women cyclists, will run concurrently May 17-19, covering upward of 187 miles over three stages.

Presented by Visit California, a visual overview of the men's and women's courses is viewable at

With seven new courses between them, the annual professional cycling events are the only U.S. races on the UCI WorldTour calendar and attract some of the most renowned cyclists and teams in the world. The Amgen Tour of California is designed to cover a variety of terrain, allowing different types of specialists among the field of the world's greatest cyclists to shine throughout the week. 2018 will mark the third time the race will run south to north.

Signed apparel from these all-star sprinters, along with other past Amgen Tour of California favorites, are available through an Amgen Tour of California online auction benefiting American Red Cross Disaster Relief in light of the devastation brought on by wildfires and mudslides throughout the state. Race fans - and California fans - will be able bid on exclusive items from merchandise to behind-the-scenes race experiences to help people affected by disasters. 100 percent of the proceeds from the Amgen Tour of California auction organized by STAPLES Center Foundation support American Red Cross Disaster Relief. More details soon at

With parts of the state still impacted by wildfires and subsequent mudslides, affected portions of the route will be inspected up until race time, and race routes are subject to change to ensure fan and rider safety.

SUNDAY, MAY 13, 2018
83 miles / 133 kilometers
Expected Outcome: Field Sprint

The 7-mile circuit will start and finish on Shoreline Drive near Shoreline Village and the Long Beach Convention Center. The 11 laps of the circuit will utilize portions of Shoreline Drive, Ocean Blvd. and Pine Avenue. Several Long Beach neighborhoods will get a ring-side seat as the peloton races through Bixby Park and Bluff Park, as well as Retro Row and Downtown.

MONDAY, MAY 14, 2018
97.6 miles / 155 kilometers
Expected Outcome: Select group of 2-3 riders

Gibraltar Road has been the most requested mountaintop finish since the race began. After the mountain road was paved and therefore able to be contested in the 2016 race, it became an instant fan favorite.

The City of Ventura warmly welcomed the race in 2016 as the peloton bid a quick hello passing through to Gibraltar. This year, Ventura will host its first stage - the start of the "Queen Stage" just a few feet from the Pacific Ocean near the Ventura Pier. Will the riders be relaxing and taking in the sun at the start? Probably not. Most will be thinking about the coming assault of Gibraltar Road.

After a neutral parade route through downtown Ventura, the race will head through Oxnard, Santa Paula and Ojai. The riders will climb out of Santa Paula to the first of three King of the Mountain climbs (KOMs) on the day. The 97.6-mile stage has 7,700' of elevation gain, with the journey to the top of Gibraltar featuring a 3,100' climb over the final eight miles of the stage.

UPDATE: The stage passes through the Ventura County cities of Ventura, Oxnard, Camarillo, Somis, Santa Paula and Ojai after beginning at the Ventura Pier at 11:15am. Here are some directions transcribed from the course map at THIS LINK:

  • Ventura Pier
  • East on Harbor Boulevard
  • Right (North) on Figueroa St
  • Left (West) on E. Santa Clara St
  • Right (North) on S. Ventura Ave
  • Right (East) on Main St
  • Right (South) on California St
  • Left (East) on E. Santa Clara St
  • Right (South) on S. Hemlock St
  • Left (East) on E. Thompson
  • Right (Southwest) on San Jon Rd
  • Left (South) on Harbor Boulevard
  • Left (East) on W. 5th St
  • Right (South) on S. Victoria Ave
  • Left (East) on W. Wooley Road
  • Left (North) on S. Rice Ave
  • Right (East) on E. 5th St
  • Left (North) on Lewis Road/Somis Road
  • Right (East) on E. Los Angeles Ave
  • Left (North) on Balcom Canyon Road
  • Left (West) on S. Mountain Rd
  • Right (North) to Highway 150 (Ojai Santa Paula Rd)
  • Then towards Santa Barbara via Ojai Rd, Ojai Ave, Baldwin Rd, Casitas Pass Rd, Foothill Rd., etc.

TUESDAY, MAY 15, 2018
122.4 miles / 197 kilometers
Expected Outcome: Mass sprint of 15-20 riders

21.6 miles / 34.7 kilometers

THURSDAY, MAY 17, 2018
109.4 miles / 176 kilometers
Expected Outcome: Field Sprint

FRIDAY, MAY 18, 2018
122 miles / 196.5 kilometers
Expected Outcome: Mass Sprint of 10-15 riders

SATURDAY, MAY 19, 2018
90.7 miles / 146 kilometers
Expected Outcome: Field Sprint