Links to Over 300 Employer Job Websites in Ventura County and Adjacent Areas


Looking for local jobs in and around Ventura County!? Here are over 300 links to job listings at employers throughout Ventura County (Thousand Oaks, Westlake Village, Newbury Park, Simi Valley, Moorpark, Camarillo, Oxnard, Somis, Santa Paula, Fillmore, Ojai, Ventura, Port Hueneme) and adjacent cities like Calabasas, Agoura, Malibu, Woodland Hills, Chatsworth, West Hills, Carpinteria and Santa Barbara as well as the San Fernando Valley.

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Local volunteer opportunities

Corporate, School, Healthcare Career Websites

Ventura County Star (1 Ventura job 9//16/19)

Ventura Unified School District: (27 jobs 9/16/19)

Viking Cruises: (15 Woodland Hills jobs 9/16/19)

VSolvit: (32 local area jobs 9/16/19)

VW of America: (1 Oxnard job 9/16/19)

Wells Fargo: (Search for Ventura County jobs)

West Hills Hospital & Medical Center (64 West Hills jobs 9/16/19)

Western General Insurance: (5 Woodland Hills 9/16/19)

Western Saw: (Oxnard - submit application)

Westlake Hyatt: (Various jobs)

Westlake Village Inn: (Various jobs)

Xavient: (33 Simi Valley, Woodland Hills jobs 9/16/19)

XYPRO: (6 Simi Valley jobs 9/16/19)

Yardi: (30 Oxnard/Santa Barbara jobs 9/16/19)

YTC America:  (1 Camarillo job 9/16/19)

Zebra Technologies: (4 Agoura jobs 9/16/19)

Zenith Insurance: (8 Woodland Hills jobs 7/25/19)

ZPower: (No Camarillo jobs 7/25/19)

Abrisa Technologies: (Santa Paula - email your resume)

Abbyson: (5 Calabasas jobs 7/25/19)

ABC Clio: (No Goleta jobs 7/25/19)

Accessory Power: (2 Westlake Village jobs 7/25/19)

ADP: (15 Woodland Hills jobs 7/25/19)

ADT: (12 Chatsworth jobs 7/25/19)

Advanced Motion Controls: (7 Camarillo jobs 7/25/19)

AECOM: (15 Ventura County jobs 7/25/19)

AERA Energy: (No Ventura jobs 7/8/19)

Aerojet Rocketdyne: (65 Canoga Park jobs 7/8/19)

Aerovironment: (51 Simi Valley, Moorpark jobs 7/8/19)

AGIA: (No Carpinteria jobs 7/8/19)

Agilent: (23 Carpinteria jobs 7/8/19)

Aitech Defense Systems: (8 Chatsworth jobs 7/8/19)

AMCAL Housing (7 Agoura Hills jobs 7/8/19)

American Homes 4 Rent: (7 Agoura jobs 7/8/19)

American Water: (No Ventura County jobs 7/8/19)

AmeriHome Mortgage: (16 Westlake Village jobs 7/8/19)

Amgen: (328 Thousand Oaks jobs 7/8/19)

Anthem: (26 Thousand Oaks, Woodland Hills jobs 7/8/19)

Applied Merchant: (Contact them)

Arete Associates: (6 Northridge jobs 7/8/19)

A.R.M. Solutions: (1 Camarillo job 7/8/19)

Arnold Magnetics: (2 Camarillo jobs 7/8/19)

Assisted Healthcare (Various local home health jobs)

Atara Bio: (16 Thousand Oaks jobs 7/8/19)

AT&T: (Search here)

Aveox: (3 Simi Valley jobs 7/8/19)

Bank of America: (Over 150 Ventura County and other local area jobs 1/1/19)

Battery-Biz: (1 Camarillo job 6/13/19)

Bauer Hockey: (3 Thousand Oaks jobs 6/13/19)

Binder USA: (Apply for Camarillo jobs at )

Blackline Systems: (47 Woodland Hills jobs 6/13/19)

Blue Shield of California: (45 Woodland Hills jobs 6/13/19)

BMW Group Designworks USA: (8 Oxnard, Newbury Park jobs 6/13/19)

BrightView (formerly ValleyCrest): (Various local jobs)

Brookdale Senior Living: (23 Camarillo, Chatsworth jobs 6/13/19)

Bruker Corp: (3 Santa Barbara jobs 6/13/19)

C3 Intelligence, Inc: (2 Westlake Village jobs 6/13/19)

Cabrillo Economic Development (5 Ventura jobs 6/13/19)

Lennar:  (14 Thousand Oaks jobs 5/10/19)

Calavo (1 Santa Paula job 5/10/19)

Caldera (4 Agoura jobs 5/10/19)

Cal Lutheran (45 staff/faculty jobs 5/10/19)

California State University Channel Islands - (81 jobs 5/10/19)

California State University Channel Islands - (26 jobs 5/10/19) (3 Westlake Village jobs 5/10/19)

Camarillo Health Care (3 jobs 5/10/19)

Capstone (6 Van Nuys jobs 5/10/19)

Casa (22 Camarillo/Santa Barbara jobs 5/10/19)

CBC Federal Credit (4 local jobs 5/10/19)

CBOL (several Chatsworth jobs 5/10/19)

CBS: (17 Burbank non-intern jobs 5/10/19)

Centene Corp (HealthNet): (90 Woodland Hills jobs (5/10/19)

Chatsworth Products, Inc.  (3 local jobs 5/10/19)

The Cheesecake Factory: (53 Calabasas, Thousand Oaks, Oxnard jobs 5/10/19)

Child and Family Guidance Center (18 SF Valley jobs 5/23/19)

Child Care Resource Center: (32 Chatsworth, Canoga Park jobs 5/10/19)

Child Development Resources:  (13 Ventura County jobs 4/23/19)

City of Agoura Hills: (5 jobs 4/23/19)

City of Calabasas: ( 3 part-time jobs 4/23/19)

City of Camarillo:  (No jobs 4/23/19)

City of Carpinteria: (6 jobs 4/23/19)

City of Fillmore: (1 job 4/23/19)

City of Malibu: (6 jobs 4/23/19)

City of Moorpark: (3 jobs 4/23/19)

City of Ojai: (1 job 4/23/19)

City of Oxnard: (13 jobs 4/23/19)

City of Port Hueneme: (3 jobs 4/23/19)

City of Santa Barbara: (13 jobs 3/27/19)

City of Santa (2 jobs 3/27/19)

City of Simi (10 jobs 3/27/19)

City of Thousand (6 jobs 3/27/19)

City of (14 jobs 3/27/19)

Clinicas del Camino Real: (18 Ventura County jobs 3/27/19)

Cobalt (no Simi Valley jobs 3/27/19)

Communications & Power (3 Camarillo jobs 3/27/19)

Community Memorial Health System: (Over 80 jobs 3/27/19)

Conejo Recreation & Park District: (seasonal jobs )

Conejo Valley Unified School (24 full/part-time jobs 3/27/19)

Conrad Hilton (11 Agoura jobs 3/27/19) (7 Westlake Village jobs 3/27/19)

Conversions (apply for Oxnard jobs)

Cool (check for Oxnard jobs)

CoolPlanet Energy (No Camarillo jobs 2/1/19)

County of Santa (37 jobs 1/1/19)

County of Ventura: (34 jobs 12/31/18)

Coverhound: (4 Westlake Village jobs 2/1/19)

Creative Digital Systems Integration (no Simi Valley jobs 2/1/19)

Cumulus Media: (2 Ventura jobs 2/1/19)

Cure Pharmaceutical: (no Oxnard jobs 1/1/19)

Custom Control Sensors: (1 Chatsworth job 2/1/19)

CVS Caremark: (Search for local jobs)

Cydcor: (9 Westlake Village jobs 2/1/19)

Cynvenio Biosystems: (3 Westlake Village jobs 2/1/19)

Dairy Farmers of America: (2 Ventura jobs 2/1/19)

Dako (Division of Agilent): (Search for Carpinteria, WLV jobs)

Danaher (Implant Direct): (10 Thousand Oaks jobs 2/1/19)

DataDirect Networks: (7 Chatsworth jobs 2/1/19)

Datavo: (contact them for Agoura Hills jobs)

Deckers Outdoor: (43 Goleta jobs 1/1/19)

Delta Tau Data Systems: (2 Chatsworth jobs 1/1/19)

DEX: (9 Camarillo jobs 2/1/19)

Dignity Health (St. John's Regional Medical Center and St. John's Pleasant Valley Hospital): (119 Oxnard/Camarillo jobs 1/1/19)

Dole Food Company: (1 Westlake Village job 2/1/19)

Dow-Key Microwave: (No Ventura jobs 2/1/19)

DP Technology: (3 Camarillo jobs 2/1/19)

Driscoll's: (1 Oxnard job 2/1/19)

Drum Workshop: (2 Oxnard jobs 2/1/19)

Xperi: (5 Calabasas jobs 2/1/19)

Dun & Bradstreet: (10 Malibu jobs 2/1/19)

Dynamic Automation: (apply for Simi Valley jobs)

Dytran: (13 Chatsworth jobs 12/30/18)

Easton: (6 Thousand Oaks jobs 12/11/18)

Eaton: (6 Camarillo jobs 12/30/18)

Edwards Label:!career/c10o5 (Contact HR for Ventura jobs) (search for local jobs)

Ensign-Bickford Aerospace: (7 Moorpark jobs 12/30/18)

Entech Instruments: (No Simi Valley jobs 12/30/18)

ESI Motion: (1 Simi Valley job 12/30/18)

Farmers Group: (Over 80 local area jobs 12/30/18)

FedEx: (Check for Woodland Hills, Ventura jobs)

First 5 Ventura County: (1 job 12/3018)

505 Games: (4 Calabasas jobs 12/30/18)

FLIR Systems: (26 Goleta jobs 1/1/19)

Four Seasons Hotel: (Search for Westlake Village jobs)

Freudenberg Medical: (8 Carpinteria jobs 12/29/18)

Giant Bicycles: (6 Newbury Park jobs 12/29/18)

GlobalWide Media: (1 Westlake Village job 12/29/18)

Gold Coast Health Plan: (9 Camarillo jobs 12/29/18)

Golden Hippo Media: (12 SF Valley jobs 12/29/18)

Golden State Medical Supply: (1 Camarillo job 12/29/18)

Grossman Imaging Centers: (2 local jobs 12/29/18)

Gsolutionz: (2 Ventura jobs 12/29/18)

Guitar Center: (22 Westlake Village jobs 12/29/18)

Haas Automation: (30 Oxnard jobs 12/29/18)

Harbor (25 Calabasas, Camarillo jobs 12/29/18) (21 Northridge jobs 12/29/18)

Harris (4 Chatsworth jobs 12/29/18)

Hawker Pacific Aerospace: (22 Sun Valley jobs 12/29/18)

HEI Hotels & Resorts: (13 Woodland Hills, Santa Barbara jobs 11/14/18)

HEICO (7 Chatsworth jobs 12/29/18)

Home (various local jobs)

HRL (55 Malibu jobs 12/31/18)

Hygiena (19 Camarillo jobs 1/18/19)

Impact (3 Camarillo jobs 12/29/17)

Industrial Tools (No Oxnard jobs 12/11/18)

Inogen: (17 Santa Barbara jobs 12/11/18)

Inphi: (10 Westlake Village jobs 12/11/18)

Integrity Bio: (8 Camarillo/NP jobs 12/11/18)

Interface Family Services: / (13 part/full-time Camarillo jobs 12/11/18)

Interlink Electronics: (Contact them)

Intuit: (5 Woodland Hills jobs 12/11/18)

Invoca: (14 Santa Barbara jobs 12/11/18)

ITT: (23 Valencia jobs 1/1/19)

Ixia: (3 Calabasas jobs 12/31/18)

JD Power: (3 Westlake Village jobs 12/11/18)

JH Biotech: (2 Ventura jobs 12/11/18) (No Westlake Village jobs 12/11/18)

Jakks Pacific (apply here for Malibu jobs)

Jensen Design (1 Ventura job 12/11/18)

JIMS: (Contact them for Camarillo jobs)

Johanson Technology:  (5 Camarillo jobs 12/1/18)

Jordano's: (3 Santa Barbara jobs 12/1/18)

Kaiser Permanente: (search for local jobs)

KBR Wyle Labs: (search for local jobs)

Kellstrom Defense: (1 Camarillo job 12/1/18)

Kinamed Inc. (Contact them in Camarillo)

Kretek International (3 Moorpark jobs 12/1/18)

L-3 Communications: (search for local area jobs)

Lamps Plus: (11 Chatsworth jobs 12/1/18)

Laritech: (1 Moorpark job 12/1/18)

Las Virgenes Unified School District (23 jobs 1/1/19)

Limoneira: (contact them)

Line 6: (3 Calabasas jobs 12/1/18)

Livingston Memorial: (9 local jobs 1/1/19)

Logitech (formerly Blue Microphones):  (2 Westlake Village jobs 6/13/19)

Logix (various local jobs)

Los Angeles Rams: (4 Thousand Oaks jobs 12/1/18)

Los Robles Medical Center (96 Thousand Oaks jobs 12/31/18)

Luna: (3 Camarillo jobs 10/9/17)

MannKind Corporation: (2 Westlake Village jobs 12/30/18)

Many Mansions: (4 Thousand Oaks jobs 12/1/18)

Meathead Movers: (Apply for Ventura County jobs)

Medtronic: (over 100 Northridge jobs 12/1/18)

Meissner Filtration Products (6 Camarillo jobs 12/1/18)

Merchant Centric: (1 WLV jobs 12/1/18)

MGA Entertainment: (28 SF Valley jobs 1/1/19)

Mission Produce: (apply for Oxnard jobs)

MNS Engineers: (8 Westlake Village, Santa Barbara jobs 12/1/18)

mobileStorm: (2 Van Nuys jobs 12/1/18)

Moorpark Unified School District: (20 jobs 12/1/18)

Motion Picture & Television Fund: (20+ Woodland Hills jobs 12/1/18) (6 Westlake Village jobs 12/1/18)

MUFG: (3 local jobs 12/1/18) (No Calabasas jobs 12/1/18)

National Coatings: (1 Camarillo job 12/1/18)

NEOTech: (4 Chatsworth jobs 12/1/18)

National Notary Association: (No Chatsworth jobs 12/1/18)

National Veterinarian Associates: (5+ Agoura/local jobs 12/1/18)

Northrop Grumman: (search for Ventura/San Fernando Valley/Carpinteria jobs)

Nova Development: (3 Calabasas jobs 12/1/18)

NTS: (15 Santa Clarita jobs 1/1/19)

Nuance (8 Agoura jobs 11/14/18)

NuSil Technology: (43 Carpinteria jobs 1/1/19)

Ojai Valley Inn: (18 full/part-time jobs 11/14/18)

Ojai Valley Sanitary District: (1 job 11/14/18)

Omni Update:  (4 Camarillo jobs 11/14/18)

Ontic: (19 Chatsworth jobs 1/1/19)

Ontraport: (Various Santa Barbara jobs)

Opto Test: (1 Camarillo job 11/14/18)

Oxnard School District (3 certificated jobs 1/1/19)

Oxnard Union H.S. District (65 jobs 1/1/19)

PacificComp: (2 Thousand Oaks jobs 11/3/18)

Pacific Coast Civil: (2 Agoura jobs 11/3/18)

Pacific View Mall: (7 Ventura jobs 11/3/18)

Pacific Western Bank: (2 Thousand Oaks jobs 11/3/18)

Panavision: (7 Woodland Hills jobs 11/3/18)

Parker: (11 Camarillo/Oxnard jobs 1/1/19)

Patagonia: (over 30 Ventura jobs 1/1/19)

Paychex (4 Woodland Hills, Ventura jobs 11/3/18)

Paysafe (formerly iPayment): (1 Westlake Village job 12/11/18)

PBS Biotech: (No Camarillo jobs 11/3/18)

PennyMac: (60 Moorpark, Westlake Village, Agoura Hills jobs 12/31/18)

Pepperdine University: (50 staff jobs 1/1/19)

Pepsi Beverage Co: (4 Ventura, SF Valley jobs 10/16/18)

Phillips Graduate University: (3 Chatsworth jobs 10/16/18)

Pleasant Holidays: (1 Westlake Village job 10/16/18)

Pleasant Valley School District: (20+ mostly part-time jobs 1/1/19)

PNC: (2 Calabasas jobs 11/14/18)

Power Machinery (1 Oxnard job 11/14/18)

Premier America Credit Union: (14 local jobs 11/14/18)

Procore: (56 Carpinteria jobs 1/1/19)

Procter & Gamble: (Search for Woodland Hills, Oxnard jobs)

PTI Technologies: (8 Oxnard jobs 10/16/18)

Puretec Water: (1 Oxnard job 9/8/18)

Quality Innovative Solutions, Inc.: (Various jobs)

Qualstar: (Contact them)

Quantum Mechanix: (5 Chatsworth jobs 10/16/18)

QAD: (5 Santa Barbara jobs 10/16/18)

Quest Diagnostics: (Search for West Hills jobs)

Quinn Company: (5 Oxnard jobs 10/16/18)

Rancho Simi Recreation and Park District: (4 part-time Simi Valley jobs 10/16/18)

Rapattoni Corp: (Contact them for Simi Valley jobs)

Raytheon: (134 Goleta, Point Mugu jobs 1/1/19)

ReachLocal: (5 Woodland Hills jobs 10/16/18)

Reagan Foundation: (10 part and full-time Simi Valley jobs 1/1/19)

Regal Medical Group: (Over 90 San Fernando Valley and Ventura County jobs 1/1/19)

Regency Lighting: (1 Chatsworth job 10/16/18)

Reiter Affiliated Companies: (4 Oxnard jobs 10/16/18)

Respawn Entertainment: (24 Chatsworth jobs 1/1/19)

REX Real Estate: (20 Woodland Hills and other local jobs 1/1/19)

Rexnord Industries: (43 Simi Valley jobs 1/1/19)

Rincon Consultants: (10+ Ventura jobs 10/16/18)

Riverbed Technology (acquired Xirrus): (1 Thousand Oaks job 10/16/18)

Roadrunner Shuttle: (No listed jobs - must apply)

Roberts Tool Company: (9 Chatsworth jobs 10/4/18)

Ronlo Engineering: (3 Camarillo jobs 10/4/18)

R. R. Donnelly: (Search for Westlake Village jobs)

RTC Aerospace: (no Chatsworth jobs 10/4/18)

Rusnak Auto Group: (13 Thousand Oaks jobs 10/4/18)

Saalex Solutions: (search for local jobs)

Sage Publications: (14 Thousand Oaks jobs 1/1/19)

Sails Group: (contact them for local caregiver jobs)

Salem Media Group: (7 Camarillo jobs 10/4/18)

Santa Barbara Applied Research: (Search for jobs)

Scosche Industries: (1 Oxnard job 10/4/18)

Securitas: (6 Westlake Village jobs 10/4/18)

Seek Thermal: (2 Santa Barbara jobs 10/4/18)

Sedgwick: (11 SFV jobs 10/4/18))

Semtech: (5 Camarillo jobs 12/30/18)

Seneca: (3 Oxnard jobs 10/4/18)

Sensata Technologies: (9 Thousand Oaks jobs 10/4/18)

Servicemaster: (Various Ventura County jobs)

Shire (formerly Baxalta, Baxter): (26 Conejo Valley jobs 12/31/18)

Sideshow Collectibles: (3 Thousand Oaks jobs 10/4/18)

Sientra: (3 Santa Barbara jobs 10/4/18)

Silgan Containers: (1 Woodland Hills job 10/4/18)

Simi Valley Hospital: (56 jobs 1/1/19)

Simi Valley USD (Various classified positions)

Simpliphi Power (2 Ojai jobs 10/4/18)

Skurka Aerospace: (contact them)

Skyworks Solutions: (40 Newbury Park jobs 1/1/19)

Sloan LED: (2 Ventura jobs 10/4/18)

SL Power Electronics: (1 Ventura job 10/4/18)

Smiths (1 Thousand Oaks job 10/4/18)

Smucker's: (8 Oxnard jobs 10/4/18)

Softengine: (5 Woodland Hills jobs 10/4/18)

Sonos: (17 Santa Barbara jobs 1/1/19)

Source Photonics: (3 West Hills jobs 8/21/18)

Southern California Edison: (search for jobs)

Spatz Labs: (Search for Oxnard jobs 8/21/18)

Spirent Communications: (3 Calabasas jobs 8/21/18)

STS Education: (1 Simi Valley job 8/21/18)

Sutherland Presses (5 Malibu jobs 8/21/18)

Stantec: (23 Ventura County, Van Nuys jobs 1/1/19)

State Farm: (2 Glendale jobs 8/21/18)

Stellar Biotech: (No Port Hueneme jobs 8/21/18)

Sunrise Senior Living: (Dozens of local jobs)

Swiss Re: (No Westlake Village jobs 8/21/18)

Synectic Solutions: (7 Oxnard jobs 1/1/19)

Sysco: (3 Oxnard jobs 1/1/19)

T3 Innovation: (Contact them)

Taft Electric: (7 jobs 8/21/18) (1 Camarillo job 1/1/19)

Teledyne Scientific & Imaging: (28 Camarillo/Thousand Oaks/Chatsworth jobs 7/25/19)

Teradyne: (6 Agoura jobs 12/31/18)

Tetra (3 Camarillo jobs 8/21/18)

The Oaks Mall: (4 Thousand Oaks jobs 8/21/18)

The Trade Desk: (20 Ventura jobs 1/1/19)

Thermo Fisher (22 Canoga Park, Thousand Oaks jobs 1/1/19)

Topa Insurance: (4 Calabasas jobs 8/21/18)

Turning Point Foundation: (1 Ventura job 8/21/18)

Tutor Perini: (6 Sylmar jobs 12/1/18)

United Water Conservation District: (1 job 8/21/18)

Universal Music Group: (15 Woodland Hills jobs 1/1/19)

Ventura County Community Colleges: (106 mostly part-time teaching jobs 12/31/18)

Ventura County Credit (5 jobs 7/15/18)

Ventura County Office of Education (5 jobs 1/1/19)

Ventura County Rescue Mission: (6 Ventura County jobs 1/1/19)

Other Local Job Sources

Craigslist Ventura County:

Craigslist Los Angeles: (hourly, fast food, retail):

Federal Government Jobs: (Over 200 jobs in the area as of 7/25/19)

AppleOne: (Over 200 jobs within a 20 mile radius of Thousand Oaks 7/25/19) Search for education jobs by state, school district, county, etc. at  (327 job postings for 730 job vacancies as of 7/25/19 in Ventura County at THIS LINK)

Top Hiring Employers in Ventura County and Nearby Areas as We Enter 2019


As we enter a new year, it is a great time to start looking for a job, or perhaps a new job. This popular list of over 300 employers in Ventura County and surrounding areas provides local job seekers with resources for discovering local opportunities.

Let's take a closer look at that list and highlight some of the companies that have the largest number of posted job openings as of January 1, 2019.

Conejo Valley (Thousand Oaks, Westlake Village, Newbury Park, Agoura Hills, Calabasas) Top Hiring Employers

Simi Valley/Moorpark Top Hiring Employers

Camarillo/Oxnard/Ventura Top Hiring Employers

Top Hiring Employers in the San Fernando Valley, Malibu and Other Local Cities

Top Hiring Employers in Santa Barbara County

Click here for some practical resume submission tips. And of course, don't limit yourselves to just these companies! Check out the more comprehensive list at this link.

California Minimum Wages Increase Again on January 1, 2018


Pursuant to California Senate Bill No. 3 signed by Governor Jerry Brown in April 2016, on January 1, 2018, the California minimum wage increases from $10.50 to $11 per hour for employers with 26+ employees and from $10 to $10.50 for employers with 25 or less employees (with the exception of California sheepherders...which you can read about more HERE).

The overall target of the legislation is $15 per hour for all employees by January 1, 2023 (companies with 26+ will get there by January 1, 2022; one year earlier than smaller companies).

Future Minimum Wage Increases for Employers with 26+ Employees:

  • 1/1/19: $12/hour
  • 1/1/20: $13/hour
  • 1/1/21: $14/hour
  • 1/1/22 until adjusted again: $15/hour

If your employer has 25 or fewer employees, there will be a year lag in the increases highlighted above.

  • 1/1/19: $11/hour
  • 1/1/20: $12/hour
  • 1/1/21: $13/hour
  • 1/1/22: $14/hour
  • 1/1/23: $15/hour

So, if you are a minimum wage employee at a smaller company, you will be making slightly less than your "larger" company counterparts in California until 1/1/23.

After 2022, the minimum wage will generally be increased by the lesser of 3.5% or the annual inflation rate.

More on California minimum wages at


If you are a minimum wage employee in the City of Los Angeles, different rules apply:

Employers with 26+ Employees in City of Los Angeles:

  • 7/1/17 to 6/30/18: $12/hour
  • 7/1/18 to 6/30/19: $13.25/hour
  • 7/1/19 to 6/30/20: $14.25/hour
  • 7/1/20: $15/hour

Employers with 25 or Fewer Employees in City of Los Angeles (or 26+ Employees with approval to pay a deferred rate):

  • 7/1/17 to 6/30/18: $10.50/hour
  • 7/1/18 to 6/30/19: $12/hour
  • 7/1/19 to 6/30/20: $13.25/hour
  • 7/1/20 to 6/30/21: $14.25/hour
  • 7/1/21: $15/hour

More on L.A. City minimum wage laws at

And of course, there's the irrelevant (at least to the majority of, but not all, states) Federal Fair Minimum Wage Act of 2007, which established the now current Federal minimum wage at $7.25/hour as of July 24, 2009.

Top Hiring Employers in Ventura County and Adjacent Areas in Mid-May 2017

According to the State of California Employment Development Department, the preliminary estimated unemployment rate in Ventura County was 4.6% in March 2017, down from 4.7% in February 2017 and 5.2% in March 2016. The rate was 5.7% in March 2015, 7.1% in March 2014, 7.9% in March 2013 and 9.4% in March 2012. So in 5 years the unemployment rate in Ventura County has dropped by over 50%.

There are currently an estimated 20,000 folks looking for work in Ventura County out of a labor force of 433,100. Let's take a look at local employers in Ventura County and adjacent areas with the highest number of posted job openings as of mid-May 2017.


City of Oxnard - 24 jobs

Community Memorial Hospital - 66 jobs

County of Santa Barbara - 27 jobs

County of Ventura - 48 jobs

Deckers Outdoors - 29 Goleta jobs

Farmers Group - 75 Woodland Hills jobs

Guitar Center - 35 Westlake Village jobs

Los Robles Medical Center - 63 Thousand Oaks jobs

Medtronic - 44 Northridge jobs

Orbital ATK - 27 Goleta, Northridge jobs

Procore - 62 Carpinteria jobs

Oxnard School District - 33 jobs

PennyMac - 39 Moorpark, Agoura jobs

Pepperdine - 38 Malibu staff jobs

Raytheon - 75 Goleta jobs

Regal Medical Group - Over 50 SF Valley jobs 

Sage Publications - 30 Thousand Oaks jobs

Simi Valley Hospital - 38 jobs

Skyworks Solutions - 28 Newbury Park jobs

Sonos - 39 Santa Barbara jobs

Dignity Health (St. John's) - over 100 local jobs

Engility - 37 Ventura County jobs

The Trade Desk - 24 Ventura jobs

Ventura County Community Colleges - 103 jobs

Viking Cruises - 20 Woodland Hills jobs

Yardi - 26 Santa Barbara jobs

Aerovironment - 51 Simi Valley jobs

Amgen - 171 Thousand Oaks jobs

Bank of America - 135 local area jobs

Blackline Systems - 29 Woodland Hills jobs

BrightView (formerly ValleyCrest) - Over 20 local area jobs

Centene (formerly HealthNet) - Over 100 Woodland Hills jobs

Child Care Resource Center - 33 SF Valley jobs

Goodwill Industries - over 20 Ventura County jobs

The Reality Behind Amgen Telling Trump That the Company Will Hire 1,600 Workers in 2017

First I saw it in Facebook posts, then in all the major newspapers. Trump's Press Secretary Tweets out that Amgen's CEO indicates Amgen will be adding 1,600 jobs. An L.A. Times story followed up with Amgen that the company plans to hire 1,600 people in the U.S. this year, including both "new skills" folks and to replace folks that have left the company through attrition. Is this really newsworthy?

Let's take a closer look.

The key word here is "attrition." Every company has attrition, also known as turnover. People quit, get laid off, terminated, etc.  What is Amgen's attrition rate? This is not publicly known information, although a State of California Employee Training Panel issued a report showing a turnover rate of 11% in September 2015.

Let's be conservative (not in the political sense) and cut that by about a third, down to a rate of 8%. Amgen has roughly 12,000 U.S. employees out of 19,000 total. At 12,000 employees and an attrition rate of 8%, Amgen would have to hire nearly 1,000 people in the U.S. in 2016 just to replace existing jobs.

That hypothetically leaves about 600 "new" positions, which is great, but not particularly significant for a company of 18,000 employees. Don't get me's wonderful that our local pride and joy is hiring. But this is not particularly worthy of major newspaper coverage and a special "Tweet" by the White House Press Secretary.

Amgen trends in headcount compared to revenue generated per employee from 2006 to 2016. (Source: Derived from Amgen Annual Report and 10-K)

Amgen trends in headcount compared to revenue generated per employee from 2006 to 2016. (Source: Derived from Amgen Annual Report and 10-K)

As you can see in the chart above, the trend does not appear to be a friend of jobs. While revenue has grown at a compound annual growth rate south of 5% over 11 years, total headcount has dropped by 4% in the aggregate. This has made Amgen a much more efficient company, at the expense of jobs. But that is typical for a company of Amgen's size to continue delivering value to shareholders - look to cost cutting to offset stagnating revenue growth in order to drive the bottom line.

Most large public companies go through this cycle...grow, grow, grow...stagnate...restructure. In 2014, Amgen announced a restructuring plan involving 3,500 to 4,000 staff reductions and consolidation of facilities in Washington, Colorado and Thousand Oaks.

In any case, it is great to see Amgen hiring. There are currently over 500 jobs listed worldwide for our local Fortune 500 resident in the Conejo Valley. Visit to learn more.

And for links to over 300 local employers throughout the Conejo Valley, Greater Ventura County and surrounding areas, visit THIS PAGE.

And on one last marginally related note, here is a compilation of the first sentence of Amgen's annual "Letter to Shareholders" from its CEO over the last 10 years. Maybe it's time to hire a more interesting writer! :) Let's see what the 2016 letter looks like** when published this coming March at Exceptional, landmark, extraordinary, momentous and _____________. What will it be? President Trump might use "tremendous," "incredible" or perhaps, "yuuuuuge!"

** UPDATE: Amgen changed it up a bit with "For Amgen, 2016 was a strong year..."

  • 2015 was a momentous year for Amgen.
  • 2014 was an extraordinary year for Amgen--
  • 2013 was a landmark year for Amgen.
  • 2012 was an exceptional year for Amgen.
  • We're proud of what Amgen accomplished in 2011 - a solid year
  • 2010 was a year of challenges met and promises delivered...
  • In 2009, Amgen...weathered the most challenging economic environment in our 30-year history.
  • 2008 was a good year for Amgen...
  • 2007 was not the year we expected.
  • I am pleased to report that Amgen delivered excellent performance in 2006.

Top Hiring Employers in the Conejo Valley, Ventura County and Adjacent Areas as 2016 Winds Down

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As we wind down another year, now is a great time to start looking for a job, or perhaps a new job. This popular list of over 300 employers in Ventura County and surrounding areas provides local job seekers with some great resources for discovering opportunities close to home.

Let's take a closer look at that list and highlight 36 of the companies that have the largest number of posted job openings in late November 2016 as we wind our way down towards 2017. These 36 companies alone have well over 1,800 current job opportunities.

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what where
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California State Senate Bill No. 3 to Will Increase Minimum Wage to $15 an Hour Over Next 6 Years

In April 2016, Governor Brown signed into law Senate Bill No. 3, that, among other things, will increase minimum wage in California to $15 over the coming years. 

On January 1, 2016, the California minimum wage increased from $9 to $10 for all employers (with the exception of California sheepherders...which you can read about more HERE).

The planned increases to get to $15 are outlined below and vary based on if the employer has 26 or more employees or 25 or fewer employees.

Employers with 26+ Employees

  • 1/1/17 to 12/31/17: $10.50/hour (5% increase)
  • 1/1/18 to 12/31/18: $11/hour (4.8% increase)
  • 1/1/19 to 12/31/19: $12/hour (9.1% increase)
  • 1/1/20 to 12/31/20: $13/hour (8.3% increase)
  • 1/1/21 to 12/31/21: $14/hour (7.7% increase)
  • 1/1/22 until adjusted again: $15/hour (6.7% increase)

If your employer has 25 or fewer employees, there will be a year lag in the increases. So in 2017, there will not be a change in the designated minimum wage if you work for a company in that range.  The first increase (from $10 to $10.50) will take place effective 1/1/18 and the final increase highlighted above (from $14 to $15) will take place effective 1/1/23.

So, if you are a minimum wage employee at a smaller company, you will be making slightly less than your "larger" company counterparts in California until 1/1/23.

After 2022, the minimum wage will generally be increased by the lesser of 3.5% and the inflation rate.