My Advice, Ice is Nice, Don't Think Twice

First off, I'm pleased to report my mileage increased last week from 36 to 46 miles, mostly driven by several one hour runs this weekend (including this trail run in Sycamore Canyon).

Yesterday two body parts were nagging me with pain.  My left big toe must have been jammed up against my shoe too much on the downhills as it was pretty painful to walk on yesterday.  On that same leg I've had a knee problem...not due to 3 year old has knocked into it a few too many times of late.  It hurts more when I kneel and walk than when I run though.

So while I felt pretty happy with the past week's training, it ended on a bit of a note of irritation.  It is never enjoyable walking around with pain.

What I have learned over the years is that the simple placement of ice on these types of problems often seems to fix the problem.  I'm no doctor but I guess it helps to reduce the swelling and pain.  Sometimes I also take an Advil or Aleve.

So last night as I was typing away on my laptop on the couch with beer on one side, TV on in front of me and Sunday newspaper and phone to my left, and the rest of the family asleep, I sat there and placed ice packs on my toe and my knee for 30 minutes.

Today I woke up and while both problematic body parts still hurt, I was able to get out there and start slowly running.  Within 10 minutes the pain seemed to go away.  Tonight I feel about 80% better.  Some lingering soreness but I think the ice did its duty again.  I should probably be icing it more right now.

So my advice it to grab that ice and don't think twice.  Ice is your friend.  Ice is nice!

But on that note, ice can also be hard to balance on your toe, knee, hamstring, etc.  Well, a bag of frozen peas is equally good.  Plus it can mold to your body shape.  If you do plan to use a bag of peas (or carrots if you prefer), might wanna place it in a separate space in the freezer so your family doesn't have to eat a bag of peas that has been nestled up against your derriere.