Long Run Gone Wrong Two Weeks Before Marathon

That is...if I actually can run the marathon now.  My plan this morning was to run an easy 18 miles this morning, two weeks prior to the Malibu Marathon.

Rarely have I run long two weeks out from a marathon, but I decided this time that it would make sense because my last long run was 3 weeks ago, 5 weeks pre-marathon. Generally my final long run before a marathon is 3 or 4 weeks out.

The reason for the change in plans is that I opted to do a 5K 2 weeks ago and a half marathon last week, to remind my body what it's like to run fast. It was probably a mistake running 2 races in successive weekends, but it felt fine at the time.

There was some lingering soreness in my lower left calf after the half marathon that finally subsided late in the week. So yesterday I felt fine to run long today, Sunday. The only complicating factor was that I was on my feet the entire day, from soccer games in the morning and afternoon, errands, a carnival and a kids' halloween event. I was on my feet from sunup to 9pm. My calves were aching.

But I was a good trooper and set out on my run at 7 a.m. this morning. Actually felt perfectly fine, pretty good in fact, through the halfway point in an easy hour and 7 minutes. Turned around on the out and back course to PCH, ran a mile, then, BOOM, the sharp pain in the lower left calf came out of nowhere. I changed my gait a bit to continue running without stressing the calves as much, but that only worked a mile or so.

Long story short, I had to walk roughly 5 miles back home. Arrghh! So frustrating.

Got home in total cumulative time of 2 hours, 54 minutes, so it took me 1 hour 47 minutes to walk/jog from PCH back to Newbury Park. Not bad I guess.

But now I'm a bit concerned about being able to recover in time for the marathon. I took 3 Advil as soon as I got home and have been icing the calf for over an hour. Might have to take several days off from running. Maybe longer.

Can't remember the last time I had to walk this far on a long run. Not good. But I had no choice. Will have to stay vigilant with the rest, ice and Advil.