Will the City of Camarillo be Seeing Its First Vietnamese Restaurant? (Actually 2nd!)

Update 11/8/12: Grand opening of Basil & Mint Vietnamese Pho Restaurant is Saturday, November 10th. Free soft drinks that day! Call 805.482.9993 for more information. Hours are 10:30 am to 9pm.

Update 10/9/12: Looks like we will soon be seeing the Basil & Mint Vietnamese Cafe at 350 North Lantana Street in Camarillo. This sign was seen there today.


Originally posted 7/18/12:


Quick Update: Reader Jason has pointed out that this would not be the "first" Vietnamese restaurant in Camarillo as there is Love Phò N' Mor in the Smart and Final Plaza in Camarillo at 341 Arneil Road. Their phone is 805.484.1881. Good stuff! (NOTE: I've subsequently been to Love Pho N' Mor numerous times and love it!)

Hmm, we shall see. But from the looks of this Public Notice of Application to Sell Alcoholic Beverages at 350 North Lantana Street in Camarillo (same plaza as Cronies, Peking Inn, Bobbies, Jersey Mikes) there appears to be a distinct possibility. I am not aware of any other Vietnamese restaurants in Camarillo proper.

The name on the notice is Basil & Mint Vietnamese Cafe. Already sounds pretty good to me.  Their license to sell on-site beer and wine is pending. Let's hope they are successful and open a new restaurant in this space previously occupied for many, many years by The Crab House, which closed its doors in 2009, followed for a short stint by Chevere.