Vivoli Cafe & Trattoria in Westlake Village is Closed; Looks Like Veggie Grill is Coming

Vivoli Cafe & Trattoria at 3825 E. Thousand Oaks Boulevard, Westllake Village, is closed. The owner of the chain indicated on the Vivoli website that due to a partnership dissolution he had to close the restaurant and others. But he does indicate he is looking to re-open at some time and place in the future.

Look carefully at the photo and you'll see a notice on the window. The notice is from North Ranch Properties, landlord of the property, indicating 1) improvements/alterations are being made to the property that they are not responsible for and 2) The Veggie Grill, Inc. is leasing the property.

So it appears we will be getting a Veggie Grill here! This should make some people happy! According to a recent press release, "Veggie Grill’s menu features a satisfying and energizing variety of hot sandwiches and burgers, entrée salads, homestyle plates, daily soups and housemade desserts made from hearty “veggie-proteins” and wholesome ingredients. With 16* locations in California, Oregon and Washington, Veggie Grill renders the impossible possible: 100-percent plant-based food that is convenient, affordable and craveable."

* Now 19 locations, with the closest one in Encino.

Visit to learn more about Veggie Grill.