The Norwegian Grade Reopens at 5 p.m. Today Just in Time for Holiday Traffic

Photo taken by Engineering Manager Tom Pizza. From Left: Construction Manager Chris Gabriel, Project Manager Dan Lazo, Inspector Fernado Perez, Design Engineer Tristan SantosThe main link between Thousand Oaks and Moorpark will reopen today after closing Sept. 20 for much needed repairs and safety improvements. The Norwegian Grade improvements, that cost just over $1.5 million, include a much longer guard rail, new signs and a slightly wider roadway. Before it was repaired there was only a small guardrail around the sharp curve. Now there's  about 1/2 mile of guard rail. Before the blind curve, going each way, there are now flashing beacons warning of the sharp turn. There are also flashing markers on the pavement letting drivers know they should slow down. In some places the roadway had lanes that were only 10 feet wide. Now each lane of the two lane Moorpark Road, from Calle Contento to Santa Rosa Road, is 11 feet wide  from line to line. The pavement has been compacted underneath, covered with asphalt twice making it smooth and filled the entire length of the grade.

Best of all it's open again. Smoother and Safer. And OPEN!