The Flame Broiler is Coming Soon to The Village at Newbury Park

Update 9/30/13: We've received word from A. Smith that the Newbury Park Flame Broiler opened today!

Update 8/21/13: Well I'm not sure what the progress is inside the old Starbucks in Newbury Park that will soon be The Flame Broiler, but I do know they have a nice new sign up on the building. Progress! And their website does indicate that they are "coming soon."


Originally Posted 6/12/13:


A sign of things to come is up at what used to be the Starbucks* at 1025 Broadbeck Drive at The Village at Newbury Park. The Flame Broiler will be "coming soon" to this location. The Flame Broiler originated in Fullerton in 1995 and has grown to over 130 locations in California, Arizona, Florida and Oklahoma.

The Flame Broiler offers up bowls of rice topped with veggies, chicken or beef, as well as plates with rice topped with veggies, chicken or beef, a side salad and fruit. Looks pretty good as well as healthy to me!

This will be first Ventura County location for The Flame Broiler. Other nearby locations in Chatworth and Canyon County. Learn more about The Flame Broiler at

* Starbucks moved across the parking lot to a new drive-thru location on January 18th.