Simi Valley Marie Callender's Location Shuttered on Sunday, June 12th

As reported by the L.A. Times and other news sources, Marie Callender's parent company filed for bankruptcy protection and has shut down 31 locations nationwide. This impacted the Simi Valley Marie Callender's location at 20 W. Cochran Street.  It did not impact the locations in Ventura and Camarillo.

It seems to me that as part of the bankruptcy reorganization plan, MC's should change its name. The name Callender's is so frustratingly difficult to spell correctly without looking at the name several times that it should be changed IMHO! :> Come on, for most of us, not just in school, but for our entire lives, we struggle to correctly spell the word "calendar" with an "a" at the end rather than an "e" (i.e. calender) but I still see this word misspelled ALL THE TIME!

So there's good ole' Marie Callender's, who not only spells it counter to our decades of schooling and corrections, with an "e," but then continues to confound our brains by adding an additional "l" to the name.

If nothing else, change the name to Marie Calendar's and make it easier for us to spell it without getting brain freeze.

Yah, yah, I know the place was founded in Long Beach in 1948 by people with the last name Callender. Don Callender named it after his mom, Marie. What a great son! But the chain was sold in 1986, so 25 years and a bankruptcy filing later, maybe it's time to reinvigorate the name. Whatever it takes to make it easier to spell.

That is all. Conejo Joe's brilliant idea of the day for a company in bankruptcy.