Presto Pasta is My Kids' Favorite Pasta Place


Hands down, Presto Pasta is my 4 and 6 year old boys' FAVORITE place to eat.  Literally they ASK to go there.  This may be hard to believe, with McDonald's, Burger King, Wendy's, Taco Bell and all the other fast food places offering up toys with their meals, but it's true!  And I'm very happy about it! Why?

  1. Not just the kids love the food there!  I do too!  I love the simplicity of the menu...pick a pasta, pick a sauce, pick an "add-in" and pick a size.  And we've never gone wrong with the food at Presto Pasta!
  2. The quality of the food at Presto Pasta is very consistent.  I usually order tortellini with tomato meat sauce and by golly, it tastes good every single time I eat it!  For another $3 or so I get a combo meal with a salad and drink.  Of course we're not talking fancy here, so don't expect a gourmet fancy meal. But this is the place to come for a quality, budget meal out.
  3. The kids usually order rigatoni with butter and parmesan and again, the quality is always solid and they enjoy it.  The combo kids meal costs less than $5 and comes with pasta, bread, drink and a cookie!
  4. Presto Pasta is always clean, the staff always smiles and service is quick.  We order, sit down and I attempt to entertain the restless troops, and thankfully within 5 minutes we usually have our food.  Suddenly it gets really quiet at the table (trust me, this is a very rare event)!

I can feed my family a healthy, enjoyable meal from Presto Pasta for only $20 to $25.  Gotta love that!

Angel Hair Pomodoro. Not fancy but hits the spot. Chunks o' garlic abound, so be careful!

Angel Hair Pomodoro. Not fancy but hits the spot. Chunks o' garlic abound, so be careful!

Visit the Presto Pasta website at Ventura County locations are at 1025 Broadbeck Road, Newbury Park (805.498.7737), 5722 Telephone Road, Ventura (805.658.2898) and 1701 Daily Drive, Camarillo (805.445.7737).  Camarillo location also has drive-thru!