Outback Steakhouse Thousand Oaks Appears to be Closing Its Doors This Month

Outback Thousand Oaks.jpg

According to no less than half a dozen sources, it appears that Outback Steakhouse Thousand Oaks, at its iconic location at 137 E. Thousand Oaks Boulevard, will be closing its doors later this month.

A CVG Instagram follower first noted the situation. I thought, no way, how do you know? Then I drove by Outbook and saw the “For Lease” sign up in front of the building.

But hey, the lease could be for another unit in the two story, 13,449 square foot building built in 1978. But the space that is currently up for lease is a 6,500 square foot, 1st floor restaurant space. That ain’t the Century 21 office (though that said, Century 21 Commercial is the listing agent).

So then I think, well maybe the landlord is listing it as a backup plan if the lease is in negotiation. That could be the case, though unlikely.

Several employees confirmed via phone and in person that indeed, they have been told that they would be closing later this month. The 24th has been the most repeated date by concerned folks on the CVG Facebook page.

There’s no sign up to this effect. Not at this point, at least. However, enough people have independently confirmed the pending closure.

Folks always ask, why are they closing? There’s all sorts of reasons businesses close and generally they are not made public - rent increases, now landlords, retiring owners or simply not making adequate profit - are all possible reasons.

If this location does close its doors, that would leave just the Oxnard location at 2341 Lockwood Street open in Ventura County. www.outback.com