Niroj Levant Cuisine Opened in Agoura Hills on February 8th

Niroj Levant Cuisine is the only Kurdish restaurant on the west coast and opened its doors to the public on Friday, February 8, 2013.

Before today I had never heard of "Levant" (hey, I'm sheltered :>) but thanks to Niroj's Facebook page, I learned a little something today:

"The Levant region is located at the intersection of Mesopotamia, Anatolia, Hellenistic and Mediterranean Civilizations. The region covers most of modern Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine, Israel, Syria, the Sinai Peninsula, parts of Southern Turkey and Northwestern Iraq. Home to dozens of rich traditions based on cultural and religious intermixing, the Levant is a deeply cosmopolitan area with a distinct taste in terms of cuisine. Centering our menu mainly on the Kurdish side, we are committed to providing the most delicious dishes from the larger Levant region, where the ingredients are always fresh and of the finest quality. Our philosophy is to make our guests feel the Levant in terms of both taste and ambiance. We believe that food is never simply a biological need; it is what unties humankind in its immense cultural diversity."

Visit or call 818.889.7888 for more information. Niroj Levant Cuisine is located at 3013 Canwood Street, Agoura Hills, west of Kanan Road.