Newberry Candy Opened Last Month in Thousand Oaks


Newberry Candy opened about three weeks ago at 3130 E. Thousand Oaks Blvd, Thousand Oaks in the Inland Country Center, between Champion Han's Shoe & Luggage Repair and Malibu Fish N' Tackle.

I spoke with John, John Newberry (ah ha, no connection to Newbury Park namesake Egbert Starr Newbury). John opened this shop to share his mother's candy recipes - namely her toffee and fudge - with the general public.

I tried the toffee. I tried the chocolate fudge. Both were delicious. The caramel apples look outstanding too. Frankly, everything looked awesome in there. Everything is homemade on the premises.

Learn more at or call 805.552.7692. Or visit their Facebook page at