Moorpark Police Department Stranger Danger Basic Rules to Teach Children

Moorpark Police Department Release Dated 12/19/11

On 12/16/11, Andres Lazaro Bautista, a 49 year old Moorpark resident, was arrested after a two week investigation which indicated Bautista had been annoying young school aged children in the area of downtown Moorpark. Bautista had been making lewd and obscene gestures to girls ranging from the age of 9 years old to 14 years old.

These children had been walking to the bus loading area located at Flory Elementary School. Bautista committed these crimes towards the children as they walked from their residences to the bus stop.

The Moorpark School Resource Officer along with Moorpark Detectives learned of these crimes and conducted a two-week investigation on Bautista. At least seven victims of the crime have come forward and identified Bautista as the suspect.

The Moorpark Police Department encourages parents to speak to their children and remind them of the dangers of strangers in their neighborhoods and abroad. Three basics rules to teach children if a stranger approaches:

2) SAY, “NO!”