Long-Time Newbury Park Resident John Mulhall's Debut Novel "Geddy's Moon"

Long-time Newbury Park resident John Mulhall’s debut novel is called Geddy's Moon.

"Tyler is an amnesiac, drifting aimlessly across the country, struggling to regain his lost memories. When he arrives in Geddy’s Moon, a sleepy town in the middle of the Kansas wheat fields, fragments of his past begin to resurface. But as he establishes new relationships in town, and spends time with the local librarian and her son, he finds himself tormented by nightmares that grow more unsettling each night. What horrific events took place before Tyler arrived in Geddy’s Moon? And could he have brought a terrifying – and possibly supernatural – danger along with him? As the pieces of his fractured memory begin to fall into place, he fears that it may already be too late to keep himself, and those he’s begun to care about, safe from a vicious evil."

In addition to being an award-winning video and event producer, John is also the author of several short stories, plays and a collection of poetry. He began developing Geddy’s Moon more than twenty years ago at age nineteen. In fact, Mulhall indicated that "Geddy's Moon" is actually set in a fictional version of Newbury Park circa 1983.

There will be a Geddy's Moon reading and book signing at the E.P. Foster Library in Ventura at 7pm on October 11th. Your chance to meet the author and learn a little more about his debut horror novel! Visit www.johnmulhall.com to learn more.