Local Author Publishes New Adventure Novel Geared Towards Teens and Launches Book Caches in Local Mountains

Local author David Smith has written a new young adult action adventure novel about a boy named Kief whose life is thrown into a grand adventure when his dead grandfather leaves him a mysterious map on his birthday.  Beyond his action adventure novel for teens, David is offering his readers something more than a great story – the opportunity to go on their own personal adventure.

In the mountains surrounding the Conejo Valley from the Simi Hills to the Santa Monica Mountains, David has hidden copies of his book in old-style treasure boxes.  He calls it “Book Cache Adventures” and you can learn more about it at his website www.fundautum.com.

After hiding the treasure boxes, he posts the GPS coordinates of their locations on his website and his Facebook page The Dark Eagles.  Young adventurers, along with their parents, can print maps using a link he’s provided on his website that will help guide them to the location.

The book and treasure box are the prize to the first person who finds them.  David hopes his story, and subsequent stories in the series to come, will inspire young people to get out and explore the world around them, and to never stop dreaming about their own possibilities.

His “Book Cache Adventures” are a small way he’s trying to encourage adventure in young people. “When we are kids, we dream and believe in all kinds of things.  Somehow as adults, we lose that spirit.  I hope to encourage and instill that adventuresome nature in kids so that they don’t lose it when they grow up,” David says.

Learn more about David’s action adventure novel The Dark Eagles – First Flight at his website www.fundautum.com .