Great Harvest Bread Co. - Newbury Park

2/25/19: The owners of Great Harvest have announced they will be closing their doors on Saturday, March 2, 2019.


Great Harvest Bread Co. in Newbury Park is a great place to go for fresh baked, delicious bread in the Conejo Valley.

The bread here is outstanding.  Always fresh.  You get there in the morning and there is a large selection of all sorts of breads, from their signature Honey Whole Wheat to the fancier breads that those, like me, with sweet tooths enjoy...we're talking pumpkin breads, banana breads, chocolate chip breads and the like.   There is a detailed menu of breads prepared daily at

The people here are just incredibly nice and also very supportive of the local community.  I see them serving free bread samples at events all over town.  The owners are Jim and Lupe Costello.  They both left careers at large companies to open this awesome addition to our town.  They are extremely friendly.  Walk in and soon you will be offered fresh bread samples.

Great Harvest is extremely clean and you can see them baking the breads.  Everything is made from scratch.  No preservatives are used.  They even make their own whole wheat flour daily.  The bread stays fresh for up to 7 to 10 days, but you won't have to worry about that because in my household as  the bread is usually devoured within a day or two!


Independent bakeries are a dying breed as the large grocery stores and Costco's of the world have commoditized fresh baked goods.  You may pay a small premium for the moist, warm, mouth-watering breads at Great Harvest but it is well worth it.

Great Harvest also serves up sandwiches during lunchtime hours. I had just a basic chicken salad sandwich on whole grain bread and it was delicious.  Bread really "makes" the sandwich and since the bread here is so good, the entire sandwich is excellent, even down to the last few bites of bread.

Great Harvest Bread Co. is located at 2092-H Newbury Road, Newbury Park (Vons/Longs shopping center to the left of Vons) (805.376.0111)