Four Tailgate Thefts Reported to Camarillo Police Department Yesterday

Last night (12/6/11), the Camarillo Police Department received calls from 4 victims who reported the tailgates on their trucks had been stolen. One of the trucks was a GMC and the other 3 were Dodges. The thefts occurred in the Mission Oaks area of Camarillo.
Stealing a tailgate can be done very quickly, especially if the tailigate is left down. A quick search of the internet can show anyone how to remove a tailgate in less than 15 seconds.
Tailgate thefts are a not a new crime, however with internet sites such as Craigslist and ebay, it is easier for thieves to sell the tailgates they steal.
If you are a truck owner, there are various companies that sell devices that can assist you in securing your taiigate. It can cost $1000 or more to replace a tailgate so making sure your tailigate is secure should be something for you to consider as a truck owner.