Easy Come, Easy Go, FroYo - Hello Luna Blu, Goodbye Blizz

And now for a FroYo breaking news update. As some of you may know, my kids and I are voracious consumers of Frozen Yogurt (and click here for a list of 80 or so FroYo joints around Ventura County).

I've discovered that the long-awaited Luna Blu frozen yogurt cafe opened its doors at the Simi Valley Town Center last week. I walked by the storefront late last year as it was under construction and it looks like a cool place. Good luck, Luna Blu!


But on a not so happy note, I recently was informed by a fellow Twitterer via this Tweet that Blizz Frozen Yogurt at The Lakes is no longer there. I have independently confirmed this fact. :>

So consider yourself up to speed and let us know, Yo, of any other additions, changes or deletions to the master list of FroYo on the down low in Ventura County, you know.