Del Prado Playfield in the Dos Vientos Section of Newbury Park is Now Open

The newest park in the Conejo Valley is the Del Prado Playfield, located on, most logically, on Calle del Prado between Via Rio and Via Las Brisas in the Dos Vientos section of Newbury Park. The park is located around the corner from Sycamore Canyon School and The Village at Dos Vientos, and within walking distance, about a half a mile, of Cypress Elementary via Kimber Drive/Via Rio.

This is a 26 acre park with a nice variety of things to do, including a unique playground area, 3 lighted softball fields with plenty of soccer space, basketball court, tennis court, two pickleball courts, plenty of walkways and, the holy grail of local parks, clean restrooms! There is also lots of available parking, well over 100 spots. Visit the Conejo Recreation and Park District website at for more information.

One of the more unique looking playgrounds around town. Never quite figured out what those green thingys are overhead but cool to look at!Like many local parks, Del Prado has a separate play area geared towards 5 and under.Pickleball. Yes, pickleball. Apparently one of the fastest growing sports in the country. I don't have a clue how to play just yet but a couple in what I'd estimate were in their 50s were playing on one of the 2 pickleball courts when I stopped by. Rackets looked like handball rackets and the ball looked somewhat like a whiffle ball that bounces on the court (which is roughly half the size of a tennis court). That's all I got for now on Pickleball but my interest is sparked and may have to actually learn how to play now.The grassy areas were quite brown on the large expanse of fields but I suspect they will be greening up a bit as we get towards Spring/Summer 2013.