Dave & Buster's is Hiring in Preparation for Opening of Thousand Oaks Location in 2018


As indicated last May, Dave & Buster's is looking to open its first location in Ventura County, right here in our very own city of Thousand Oaks. The new Dave & Buster's will be opening sometime this year in the former home of Sports Authority at 145 West Hillcrest Drive, #130.

Job opportunities at this new Thousand Oaks location posted on the D&B's website last week include Amusements Manager, Assistant General Manager, Kitchen Manager, Restaurant Manager, Senior Manager and Sr. Corporate Sales Manager. Find out more at dandbcareers.com/jobs. It appears they are getting their senior management team in place in preparation for hiring staff.

The first Dave & Buster's opened in Dallas in 1982 by David Corriveau and James "Buster" Corley. This publicly-traded chain of eateries features lunch and dinner menus, both traditional Midway, arcade style and high-tech games for all ages 

Dave & Buster's is listed on NASDAQ under the memorable stock symbol PLAY. At its currently market price of $56/share, the company's valuation is $2.3 billion.  

Learn more about Dave & Buster's at www.daveandbusters.com.