Char Fasl in Agoura Hills Changed Hands and Became Maral Cuisine in June 2012

A @ConejoJoe Twitter follower asked about Char Fasl House of Kabob at 5843 Kanan Road in Agoura Hills. Simple enough...Char Fasl changed ownership a few months ago and it is now called Maral Cuisine House of Kabob. According to their website at

"Fresh healthy food, attentive Persian hospitality and friendly atmosphere.The kabobs include fresh chicken, beef & salmon, which are marinated in a saffron sauce, and cooked on an open broiler. Traditional khoresh dishes (stews) capture the authenticity and slow cooked flavor of Persian Cuisine. Appetizers, salads and rice with the most unique and authentic flavor of Persian cuisine Saffron which enhances the flavor and aroma of all other ingredients used in Persian cuisine. Persian ice-cream, baklava, zoolbia bamieh and tea."

I don't know about you, but this is making me extremely hungry! But WAIT! Check out their website! They have photos of most of their dishes that look great, like these salmon, whitefish, trout and shrimp kabobs.

Their phone number is 818.889.9495.