California American Water Implements Stage 3 Drought Contingency Plans in Ventura County

On April 1st, 2015 Governor Jerry Brown imposed mandatory 25% statewide water reduction from 2013 and prohibited water uses.  

But this 25% wasn't imposed across the board. The State Water Resources Control Board imposed cutbacks ranging from 4  to 36% from 2013 water use, applying higher guidelines to communities with higher consumption..

California American Water received a target reduction of 32% for its Ventura County customers, near the top of the state's guidelines. From June through August, a cumulative reduction of 27.2% was met, nearly 5% lower than the target. Cal Am customers in the Conejo Valley include most folks west of Moorpark Road.  Most other residents are served by the City of Thousand Oaks and California Water Service. 

As a result, Cal Am's Ventura County customers have been moved from Stage 2 to Stage 3 water-use restrictions. Effective immediately, water use by Cal Am customers in Ventura County is limited to one day a week - odd numbered addresses on Saturdays and even numbered addresses on Sundays  - no more than 15 minutes per station, between the hours of 5 p.m. and 9 a.m. Exemptions made for hand-watering, drip and microspray irrigation.

Additionally, a "drought surcharge" has been implemented. Customers who use more than 8,976 gallons of water per month will pay an extra 21 cents for every 100 gallons used.

These rules apply only to Cal Am customers. City of Thousand Oaks and Cal Water customer are not impacted at this point.

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Ventura County District Cal Am customers are the only ones currently impacted by this change. Why? For starters, Cal Am's other customers did not receive the same level of Residential Gallons Per Capita Day (R-GPCD) reduction standard, ranging from 8% in San Diego County and Monterey to 28% in Los Angeles County.

More specifically, here is what the Water Board indicates was R-GPCD measured for the period Jul-Sep 2014 that was used to determine conservation standards in various local jurisdictions:

  • Cal-Am Water Ventura County District: 184.6 R-GPCD - 32% reduction
  • City of Thousand Oaks Water District: 163.7 R-GPCD - 28% reduction
  • California Water Service - Westlake: 336.7 R-GPCD - 36% reduction
  • City of Camarillo: 107.5 R-GPCD - 20% reduction
  • Golden State Water Co. Ojai: 261.5 R-GPCD - 36% reduction
  • Golden State Water Co. Simi Valley: 129.8 R-GPCD - 24% reduction
  • City of Oxnard: 66.6 R-GPCD - 12% reduction
  • City of Santa Paula: 160.2 R-GPCD - 28% reduction
  • Triunfo Sanitation District/Oak Park Water Service: 195.7 R-GPCD - 32% reduction
  • Ventura County Waterworks District 1: 175.3 R-GPCD - 32% reduction
  • Ventura County Waterworks District 8: 156.1 R-GPCD - 28% reduction
  • Las Virgenes Municipal Water District: 318.4 R-GPCD - 36% reduction

The California State Water Resources Control Board has an online Drinking Water Supply Service Area Lookup Tool to determine who the water provider is for specific location at

Looking to report water waste? There's an easy to use online tool at