Burgerim Now Open in Newbury Park

Update 3/12/17: Burgerim Newbury Park opened on Friday, March 10th.

Posted 11/13/16:

Thanks for the heads up from Christopher N. via Facebook that Burgerim is coming soon to the space previously occupied by Starbucks (that relocated to a drive-thru location across the street in July) in the Ventu Park (Ralphs) Center at 587 N. Ventura Park Road, Suite 587A, Newbury Park

Burgerim's motto is "Always More Than One." According to their website:

At Burgerim, we take 8 ounces of gourmet freshly ground meat, bursting with flavor, and divide it into three mini burgers which are easy to hold and can be customized to suit anyone’s taste. With our “always more than one” approach, customers can choose from a duo, trio, or 16 party box of our 2.8 oz. mini patties.

Each mini burger is yours for the building, declaring your individuality with a statement of your own special flavor and design. With 3 buns, 6 sauces, 11 patties, and 9 unconventional toppings, one Burgerim order can satisfy all of your cravings.

Your mini burgers are built with standard toppings (lettuce, tomato, and onion) on the bottom so they absorb the delicious flavors you’ve chosen. You also have a choice of 9 additional special toppings that will sit above your patty, from classic grilled onion to a sunny side up egg.

Learn more at www.burgerim.com and updates on the Newbury Park location at www.burgerim.com/newbury-park.