Surf LA Today

Run and owned by professional athletes, Surf LA Today offers surf lessons and camps in Malibu. Instructors are Red Cross First Aid/CPR Certified and have Junior Lifeguard experience. If you want to learn how to surf, learn from the people who know how to surf the best, us. We will teach you how to surf like we do share our knowledge first hand which you only get from experience. SurfLAtoday's mission is to make sure you have the time of your life learning how to surf in Los Angeles. Our Surf School is dedicated to changing people's lives. We do this by helping you learn to surf, explaining surfing etiquette, and teaching you ocean awareness. More information at or call 808.218.1262. Or visit their Facebook page.

Ventura Surf School

The goal of Ventura Surf School (607 W. Channel Islands Blvd., Port Hueneme) is to teach eveyone to surf in a safe, secure environment, and help them gain confidence in their abilities while having a great time in the outdoors. Group and private surfing lessons can be arranged anytime to fit your schedule, and yes, we do rent out surf boards if you want to surf on your own. Lesson, camps and more! For more information, call 805.218 1484 or visit

Surfing L.A. Surf School - Various Locations

Surfing L.A. Surf School teaches beginning, intermediate and advanced students (7-year-old and up). Students need to know how to swim and be comfortable in the ocean and waves (i.e. you cannot be afraid of putting your head under water). Most of our students are beginners and are able to surf after just a few lessons.

We teach 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Please note that lessons are always tide-dependent, i.e. the tide has to be right, so does the wave size. If the waves are too big or too small, we have to reschedule the lesson. Surf is best in the early morning. Later in the day, the wind usually comes up and kills the surf. Let us know what day(s) you want to take a lesson and we will tell you what time is best.

We offer group lessons (4 to 6 students), semi-private (2 to 3 students) and private lessons.  Children under 14 are asked to enroll in private lessons to ensure constant supervision in the water.

Semi-private lessons consist of 2 or 3 students. We see a lot of couples, mom & daughter, and dad & son choosing this option. A semi-private lesson is $85 per person. Private lessons are also best for intermediate and advanced students.

Surfing lessons take place at various beaches in the area, including locations in Ventura and Malibu.  More information at or call 310.663.0661.