Pilates Influence at Channel Islands Harbor

Pilates Influence, located at 3150 South Harbor Blvd., Oxnard (Channel Islands Harbor), offers Pilates one-on-one, in pairs, groups and boot camps.  They offer training on both the Pilates equipment and in mat Pilates.  Available by appointment only early mornings, late evenings and weekends.  For more information, visit www.pilatesinfluence.com or call any of the instructors listed in THIS LINK.

The History of Pilates from a recent Pilates Influence newsletter:

Born in Germany in 1880, Joseph Pilates created the exercise known today as Pilates to achieve a workout that engaged the mind and body connection.  He wanted to create exercises for all, regardless of age or fitness level.  He started building the foundation for his new phenomenon during World War I while working as a nurse rehabilitating disabled soldiers.  He redesigned the hospital bed using the springs from the bed and pulleys to provide resistance. Joseph brought this new form of exercise with him to the U.S., working not only in rehab but with famous dancers - George Ballentine, Martha Graham, just to name a few. Today the exercises and equipment designed by Joseph are now an integral part of training for all athletes!