Ken Rose Mixed Martial Arts Center - Newbury Park

Ken Rose Mixed Martial Arts Muay Thai Center (1200 Lawrence Drive, Suite 430, Newbury Park), offers a full range of classes and programs designed for the entire family, including Thai boxing, Jiu-Jitsu, Grappling, MMA, weight training, Weight loss, Extreme Conditioning and fighting competition.

We believe that the environment that is provided for you is one that will be pleasant and inviting day in and day out. When you walk into The Ken Rose MMA Muay Thai center, you will feel excited and motivated, and when you leave you will feel energized and refreshed. Our passionate, enthusiastic staff at our training Center is committed to assisting you in your personal quest for health, self defense and fitness.We pride ourselves on results and will do everything we can to make your experience rewarding.

More information at or 805.480.3453.