Walmart to Showcase New Upscale Retail Concept "The Walmart at Thousand Oaks"

Since the first Walmart store opened in July 1962, Walmart has grown to over 11,000 stores in 27 countries, employing 2.2 million worldwide. Tomorrow, Walmart will open for the first time in the Conejo Valley, with a Walmart Neighborhood Market on Ventu Park Road in Newbury Park. Unlike a Walmart Supercenter, which averages 182,000 sq ft, a Walmart Neighborhood Market runs about 38,000 sq ft and iwth a primary focus on groceries.

Later this year, Walmart will continue its local growth by transforming The Lakes at Thousand Oaks into a brand new Walmart Upscale retail concept. The Walmart at Thousand Oaks will take the existing design of The Lakes and create an experience that will bring something for everyone!


The Walmart at Thousand Oaks will showcase a new level of sophistication.

This first Walmart Upscale pilot will capitalize on the aesthetics of The Lakes while sharing all the conveniences a Walmart Supercenter has to offer.

P.F. Changs, conveniently located at E. Thousand Oaks Blvd and N. Conejo School Road, will be become P.F. Goodrich, offering tires, brakes and oil changes at discount prices. California Pizza Kitchen will be renovated into California Pizza Hut, a slightly upscale version of Pizza Hut. 

On the west side of The Walmart at Thousand Oaks, in the former home of Claim Jumper (and more recently slated to be a Lassen's Health Foods), Thousand Oaks Civic Arts Plaza patrons will be treated to a world-class McDonald's, where the iconic golden arches will lead to Thousand Oaks City Hall. Big Mac fans will sit in comfort at The McDonald's at The Walmart at Thousand Oaks, where each seat cushion will contain a coin-operated thermostat.

Other stores will be converted into a gigantic, multi-level Walmart Supercenter, with ample use of windows and skylights for natural lighting. Driving home on the 101, you may even see your spouse shopping at The Walmart at Thousand Oaks.  The current Brighton store, however, will be retained "as is" but will be renamed Jewelry and Accessories at The Walmart at Thousand Oaks.

City planners Hugh Gotta, Bea Kiddenme and Howie Aeur believe that, while this new "upscale" project may be a bit of a surprise to some, it is certain to bring joy to local residents and visitors alike. "Additionally," indicates Kiddenme, "we believe this project is timely from drought perspective as the lakes will be drained, and replaced with pavement and the new Garden Center at The Walmart at Thousand Oaks."

In the second phase of enhancements, a pedestrian access tunnel will be constructed to enable Mastro's Steakhouse customers easy access to The Walmart at Thousand Oaks.

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