Ventura County Area Schools in Newsweek's 2016 Ranking of the Nation's Top High Schools

Newsweek has published its 2016 ranking of the nation's "top 500 public high schools." The rankings were based on data from 16,285 public high schools from the National Center for Education Statistics.

Researchers determined the ranking by selecting schools at perform in the 70th percentile or higher in standardized state testing. From there, the ranking was done using the following criteria:

  • 10% of ranking based on "Holding Power," or the proportion of 9th graders that stay enrolled through 12th grade.
  • 10% based on the ratio of school counselors to students.
  • 17.5% based on SAT/ACT test score performance.
  • 17.5% based on AP/IB dual enrollment composite.
  • 20% based on graduation rate
  • 25% based on college enrollment rate.

Based on the above methodology, four local area schools made the top 500:

Oak Park High School ranked 51st overall and 7th in California

Westlake High School ranked 119th overall and 15th in California

Foothill Technology High School in Ventura ranked 393rd overall and 45th in California

Missing from this year's list that were on the 2015 list were Thousand Oaks High School (215th overall last year) and Calabasas High School (339th overall last year).

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