Vacation House Checks Available in Cities Throughout Ventura County

A number of cities provide free Vacation House Check services upon request to help keep your property secure while you are out of town. Here is a compilation of such services.

Thousand Oaks

The City of Thousand Oaks Volunteers in Policing organization perform vacation checks, including checking the backyard, windows, garage and doors for signs of disturbance and paying particular attention to your property while out on patrol. Request a vacation house check by calling the Thousand Oaks Community Police Resource Center with at least three days notice at 805.449.2760. Visit for more information.


The Camarillo Police Department offers residents a vacation house watch program, scheduled by calling 805.388.5100 Monday through Friday, between 8 AM and 5 PM. Vacation house watch forms may also be downloaded and emailed at

Simi Valley

The Simi Valley Police Department offers vacation checks to residents. Call 805.583.6938 to learn more and schedule one.


City of Ventura residents can schedule vacation checks online at


Business owners and residents may request extra patrol of their property while they are on vacation or if they have reason to suspect being extraordinarily victimized by a crime. Moorpark Volunteers in Policing and Deputies are informed of the extra patrol locations and make an effort to check those areas for suspicious or criminal activity. If you would like an extra patrol of your property, you may submit a form at the Moorpark Police Station, located at 610 Spring Road, Moorpark.

Westlake Village

The Lost Hills Sheriff’s Station will send a patrol car or Volunteer on Patrol member by your home while you are out of town. To schedule a free vacation check, call the station at 818-878-1808 and provide your address and travel dates.

Port Hueneme

Port Hueneme Police Department Volunteers in Policing provide home vacation checks. Visit for more information.

For other cities, visit the Ventura County Sheriff's Department website at for more information.

There's of course a whole host of other things to consider to protect your home when you're out of town...locking doors and windows, asking the neighbors to keep an eye out, stopping newspaper/mail deliveries (or having someone collect them), setting automated light timers around the house and activation of home security systems come to mind.