Undercrossing From La Conchita to La Conchita Beach in Ventura County

La Conchita Beach is a pleasant, sparsely occupied mile or so long strip of pristine beach sandwiched between Mussel Shoals and Rincon Beach. There's no parking or facilities. To get there, your options are to ride or walk in from Rincon Beach or find a spot in La Conchita and take this tunnel that takes you from Surfside St in La Conchita to the beach. Or you can park in one of the few available spots on Old Pacific Coast Highway in Mussel Shoals (same street the Cliff House Inn is located on.)

Fun to explore around here on this beautiful beach. I can see why residents of this community, which has been devastated by landslides several times over the years, stay in this unique location paralleling the 101 and the Pacific Ocean. Ventura and Carpinteria area beaches compiled at THIS LINK.