'Twas the Night Before Halloween in the Conejo Valley

Twas the night before Halloween and all through the sky,

In Conejo Valley, the clouds stopped by.

While witches were not seen as sunset arrived,

Tomorrow's the big day, we won't be deprived.

Of ghosts and gobblins and skeleton costumes,

Mummies, vampires, creepy dark, lost tombs.

We look forward to young trick or treaters at night,

As the Kit Kats and Snickers and SweeTarts delight.

If the trend continues from Halloweens past,

Our candy supply at night's end will be vast.

Which is good considering I have a sweet tooth,

Reese's are my weakness to tell you the truth.

So as the clock ticks towards this favorite day,

There is just one thing more I want to say.