Thousand Oaks 2015 Community Attitude Survey Results Just Released

Since 1969, the City of Thousand Oaks has conducted a communitywide attitude survey to sample city residents' views on planning and other issues. Prior to 2013, the survey was conducted every five years; the survey is now performed every two years.

True North Research of Escondido conducted the 2015 as in years past.  They phone surveyed a "statistically representative" sample of 400 Thousand Oaks residents out of close to 100,000 adults (there are about 129,000 total residents).

True North is also doing a supplemental web survey, sending postcards to residents today to complete the survey at by July 1, 2015.

Photo courtesy of local darts promoter L. David Irete

Thousand Oaks residents continue to rate the quality of life highly here, with 96% rating it good or excellent (97% in 2013). 65% rate it excellent (61% in 2013 and 66% in 2009) and 31% rate it as good (36% in 2013 and 31% in 2009. This is consistent with previous surveys, where 96% to 98% of residents have rated quality of life as good to excellent - an outstanding statistic.

If You Could Change One Thing?

One survey question asked if City Government could change one thing, what would it be. Topping the list at 14% of responses this year was to reduce traffic congestion, up from just 5% in 2013.

Local Shopping

Another question asked what percentage of your household's retail shopping (excluding groceries) dollars are spent in the City of Thousand Oaks...less than 10%, 10% to 19%, 20% to 29% and so on. My first response is, who the heck would actually know to this level of precision? I certainly don't. In any case, 34% of respondents indicate they spend less than half of their retail dollars in the City, up from 30% in 2013.

Half of the survey takers said they'd like to see additional retail establishments in Thousand Oaks. Of these, 21% would like a large discount store like Costco.

Respondents were then asked which of six specific businesses they'd like to see in the City, some of which have expressed an interest in coming to (or expanding in) Thousand Oaks, including Sam's Club, Lowe's, Walmart, Home Depot, Costco and IKEA. Again, Costco was the overall top choice at 22%, but IKEA received the largest combined tally of 1st/2nd choice selections at 42% vs 39% for Costco.

Information Sources for News, Events, Programs

True North asked a series of questions regarding sources for City of Thousand Oaks news, services, programs and events. The Acorn weekly newspaper was noted by 42% of responses (up from 36% in 2013 and 41% in 2009). The Internet (not City's site) was the 2nd highest response at 29%, followed by the City's website at 23%. Ventura County Star was mentioned by 12% of respondents (down from 24% in 2013). Social Media (e.g. Facebook, Twitter) was noted by 7%,  up from just 1% in 2013.

Other options given were Ventura County Reporter, LA Daily News and other sources. True North did not list Conejo Valley Guide, with its base of 50,000 monthly unique visitors, in its survey. Give them a piece of your mind when you complete your supplemental survey at at!





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