The Ventura County Genealogical Society Can Help You Track Your Roots

Founded in 1978, the Ventura County Genealogical Society is a non-profit educational organization in Ventura that is dedicated to the promotion of genealogy, public education and fellowship to everyone interested in family histories.

The goals of the Society are to encourage family history and genealogical research; to educate and instruct members through lectures, workshops, and an annual seminar; to educate the members in effective genealogical research skills, and to publish information of interest to genealogists.

Some of the various topics that I've seen the Society cover include using online genealogical resources, family history training, family legacy writing workshops and much more.

With over 200 members, the Ventura County Genealogical Society hosts speakers at monthly meetings generally on the third Saturday of each month (except December) in Ventura.  The Society also maintains a reference library located at the Camarillo Public Library.

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