Straight Up Ventura County 2012 "Make a Difference" Video Contest for Youths

2012 Video Contest for Young People: "Make a Difference"
Ages 12-25 invited to submit videos about making a difference and creating positive community change

Youth advocacy group Straight Up Ventura County has announced its 2012 video contest, open to young people 12-25, around the topics of making a difference among peers, educators and parents.

"We're looking for young people to explore topics such as how to create 'positive' peer pressure. what activities can bring awareness to destructive decisions, or people that have been an inspiration for making positive decisions around alcohol or drugs," says Katherine Kasmir, Program Director of Straight Up. "We look to the youth in our community to help make social change."

Straight Up focuses on prevention surrounding underage and binge drinking, over-the-counter/prescription drug abuse, marijuana use, and impaired driving.   

Last year's contest, "The Power of Speaking Up," garnered submissions from all over Ventura County. They can be seen at and below!

Short videos (30-90 seconds) are preferred, but longer videos are welcome as well. The subject matter and tone can be serious or humorous, as longs as the video deals with the powering of speaking up.

A grand prize of $500 will be awarded. The deadline is March 9, 2012 and winners notified by April 20.

Downloadable rules and guidelines can be found at Resources are available to youth and to educators in the form of educational workshops and equipment lending.

Interested parties can find out more information by contacting or (805) 647-4622.

Winning Entries from 2011 "Speak Up" Video Contest

WINNING VIDEO: "Out of the Mouths of Children" by Joe Lanthier's Fillmore High School Production Class (ages 16) Description: A young boy refuses to get into his brother's car after the brother has been drinking.

RUNNER-UP VIDEO: "Bobby V" by Camilo Alvea, 23, and Sergio Arias, 23 Description: A young female recounts an accident in which she was involved, in which "Bobby V" was killed.

RUNNER-UP VIDEO: "Choice" by Sophie Glander, 16, of Agoura Description: A young boy refuses to get into his brother's car after the brother has been drinking.