Provisional Driver License Permit Restrictions In the State of California

According to a 2012 Pew Research Center World Fertility Report, when it comes to women nearing the end of their childbearing years (age 40-44), the U.S. ranks near the top of the list. Of 118 countries providing data, only six had a higher "childlessness" rate than the U.S. rate of 19%.

But inversely, that means 81% of women at the age have indeed had children, and according to that study, U.S. women have an average of 1.9 kids. And this of course means that eventually, these women and their spouses have to deal with the topic of...DRIVERS' PERMITS for their teens!

Provisional Driver Permit Requirements

So what are the rules for provisional permits in the state of California? According to the California DMV website, to apply for a provisional permit, you must be at least 15 1/2 but under 18, make an appointment with the DMV, complete a driver license application (DL 44 form), provide a fingerprint, pay a fee, pass a vision exam (you must have 20/40 with or without glasses in both eyes and each eye individually), get a passing score of at least 38 out of 46 questions on a traffic laws test and submit certification of proper driver education programs. Oh, and your parent(s) or guardian(s) must sign your DL 44 form.

The provisional permit is not valid until you start your behind-the-wheel driver training with an instructor or reach age 17 1/2.

Minors' Provisional License Requirements

To get a provisional driver license as a minor, you must be at least 16 years old, prove that you have finished both driver education and behind the wheel training, have held an instruction permit for at least six month and have parents' signatures that you completed at least 50 hours of supervised driving practice (including 10 hours at night), pass a behind 

Provisional Driver License Restrictions

After you receive your provisional permit, for 12 months you cannot transport people under age 20 or drive between 11 pm and 5 am without a licensed driver 25 or older accompanying you. Put another way, a provisional driver can drive alone only the hours of 5 am and 11 pm. However, if you are under 18, you cannot be employed to drive a vehicle. There are some exceptions that can be made for medical, school/school activities, employment or other necessities. 

Since July 1, 2008, drivers under age 18 cannot use cell phones or other electronic devices while driving, even in hands-free mode.

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