Not So Ancient Chinese Secret: Always Order "To Go" at Panda Express

We are not lacking for Panda Express eateries in Ventura County, with 17 locations throughout the area and neighboring areas ranging from Simi Valley, Agoura Hills, the Conejo Valley, Ventura, Port Hueneme, Santa Paula and Oxnard.

When asked "is this for here or to go," traditionally I have always said "for here" when indeed planning to eat at Panda (which is usually the case) and "to go" when the plan is to take the food with me.

But on a recent visit to Panda Express with a buddy, he insisted that I order "to go" although we fully intended to eat there. "Why?" I asked. Because you get a LOT more food, he said. But is that right to order to go when you know full well you'll be eating at the restaurant?  Aw, what the heck. So I gave in and ordered "to go." And yes, I do agree, you do appear to get more food in the "to go" container than you receive on the plate.