Neptune's Net and County Line Beach in Malibu are Local-Area "Must Do's"


Neptune's Net is a Malibu icon, located across from County Line Beach in Malibu at 42505 Pacific Coast Highway. Everyone who lives in the local area just has to experience this favorite eatery overlooking the Pacific. 

Originally built in 1956, the location of the fryer and grill have not changed. However, it was originally a gas station, real estate office and restaurant called "Panorama Pacific at Solimar" but locals called it Jake's Diner (after Eastman "Jake" Jacobs, its owner). In 1974 it was sold and the new owners renamed it Neptune's Net. The current owners purchased it in 1991.

Some of our favorites at Neptune's Net are everything fried (fish & chips, shrimp, scallops, clam strips and calamari), fresh seafood (lobster, crab, shrimp and oysters), burgers and more. Quite a popular biker hangout but at the same time, family friendly.

If you're newbie, check out the menu and then find the back of the ordering line, which often stretches back to the refrigerated drinks area. Grab your drink first as you wait in line. Order. Grab a seat, either in the front patio overlooking PCH, the side patio adjacent to the parking lot or the indoor seating area. Learn more at

After (or before) you've dined, park or re-park (it's nice to clear your spot at Neptune's Net for other folks) your car across the street at County Line Beach, a casual, perhaps 1/3 mile stretch of beach surrounded by residences on each side.

There are no facilities at this beach other than three porta-johns in the parking area. No parking fees. 

County Line Beach is popular with surfers and folks generally hanging out and jumping into the water. There are some rocks to explore on the west side of the beach too. And well-behaved dogs can often be seen at this beach.

Rocks about on the west side of the beach, which stretches around to residences.

Rocks about on the west side of the beach, which stretches around to residences.