Miniature Golf in Ventura County

According to, there are approximately 1,450 miniature golf courses thoughout the United States, including 45 in the State of California.* Overall, this equates to about 216,000 U.S. residents for each mini golf course. But California severely lags this statistic, with nearly 850,000 residents per mini golf course. Ventura County is in line with California overall in that it currently has a single mini golf course, Golf N' Stuff in Ventura, for a total of roughly 835.000 residents.

A look at the intimidating Hole 17 on course 2 of golf course 2 at Golf N' Stuff in Ventura.

I have enjoyed Golf N' Stuff Ventura with my kids for years. It is the closest thing we have to an amusement park in Ventura County. With two 18 hole golf courses, bumper boats, bumper cars, go karts, lazer tag and a well-appointed arcade, Golf N' Stuff Ventura has something for everyone. The golf courses are neat as they have such a varied assortment of decor, from a castle and a palace to an old country town, animals and more.

The old country western town at hole 10 of course 2. I love this hole.

With easy access from the 101 freeway off at Victoria Avenue, Golf N' Stuff is one of our favorite "staycation" activities. When it's 90 degrees in the Conejo Valley, we'll often find it a comfortable low 70s at Golf N' Stuff. And the facility is open 365 days a year (well, 366 days on leap years). Visit to learn more. And be sure to sign up with their Email Club to receive 2 for 1 golf coupons throughout the year.

A view of Golf N' Stuff Ventura taken while driving the 101 North (as if you couldn't figure that out). Not bad, eh? Don't try this at home. Or on the freeway. Do as I say, not as I do.

In 2010, Simi Valley City Council approved a plan to redevelop Sinaloa Golf Course and adjacent vacant properties to create Sinaloa Park. The plan is to retain the nine-hole golf course, remove the driving range and build three 18-hole miniature golf courses, a new park area with playgrounds, picnic areas and more, and a new community room and outdoor plaza area. The initial plan was that it would open in May 2013. That obviously has not happened as of January 2014. According to City staff, the project is still "in the works" pending sorting out financial matters. The original plan anticipated a total cost of $18.6 million. We will definitely stay tuned for future updates here on Conejo Valley Guide, but do visit the Rancho Simi Recreation and Park District website at and the Sinaloa Park website at for details.

If you are a mini golf fanatic looking for other venues within about an hour drive of, say, Thousand Oaks, try the following:

California isn't one of the more popular mini golf states in the country, perhaps because there are SO MANY OTHER GREAT THINGS TO DO HERE! If you're a mini golf fanatic, consider visiting Pennsylvania, which has a country-leading 110 mini golf courses, Ohio (with 94) and Wisconsin (60). These three states have roughly double the national average of mini golf courses per capita.

* Although indicates 45 California mini golf courses, in researching this article I discovered that Sherman Oaks Castle Park was missing from the list and several Los Angeles mini golf parks that have closed were included on the list. Thus, these numbers are approximations.

The beautiful and iconic castle at Golf N' Stuff Ventura