Makeshift Memorial for Borderline Shooting Victims in Thousand Oaks

Borderline Sign.JPG

This is a makeshift memorial for the Borderline Bar and Grill victims from the shooting on November 7th. It is located at the northeast corner of Moorpark Road and Rolling Oaks Drive. **

** Note that the memorial was subsequently relocated to the entryway area of Borderline Bar and Grill, which has been closed since the incident.

There is a massive outpouring of support for the victims on display at this memorial, which was filmed here the morning of November 20th (subsequently some folks brought canopies to protect the memorial from anticipated rain on the 22nd - Thanksgiving Day).

Learn how to support the victims and their families at THIS LINK.

There is an extensive list of local fundraisers and tributes for Borderline victims and families on the Borderline Bar and Grill website at

Sean Adler

Cody Coffman

Blake Dingman

Jake Dunham

Sgt. Ron Helus

Alaina Housley

Daniel Manrique

Justin Meek

Mark Meza Jr.

Kristina Morisette

Telemachus Orfanos

Noel Sparks

Letters of condolence are being accepted for the families of the victims listed above by the Thousand Oaks Police at 2101 East Olsen Road, Thousand Oaks.

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