Latest Work of Chuck Trunks Entitled "Twurfer Dude"

Chuck Trunks is a Camarillo artist who prefers to spend time on his art rather than on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and all the other social networks out there. He's not the kind of guy messing around with an iPhone in his spare time. But he does recognize many of us are that way, including "Twurfer Dude" below, who is obsessed with surfing and tweeting.

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Here are some local surf classes and activities for those looking to emulate Twurfer Dude:

Ventura Surf School (Ventura)

Surfing L.A. Surf School (Malibu, Ventura)

Rent a "Surf Bike" at Ventura Boat Rentals

Ventura Surf Club

Malibu Makos Surf Club

Ventura Makos Surf Club

Over 120 Local Summer Camps (some with surfing!)

Or just cool off in a local community pool!