How Do I Find the Nearest Mailbox to Me?


My wife asked me if there is a way of finding the nearest local mailbox.  Sure, we know of a couple mailboxes within a mile of our home in the Conejo Valley but it's nice to be able to find other mailboxes when you're out and about.

She used to put letters and bills and such in the mailbox for our mail carrier to pick up, but with the rash of folks swiping things out of home mailboxes, she would prefer to drop letters off into a more secure "blue" mailbox.

The US Post Office has a "Find Locations" section on its website to find a variety of locations, including post offices, approved postal providers, self-service kiosks and collection boxes (aka mailboxes). Find your local mailbox at This tool on the USPS site works great and provides additional information, including daily pickup times.

And of course since there's data out there on where the mailboxes are, there are websites that take that this data and create their own mailbox map. does just this. Simply type in your location and the map will clearly lay out mailbox, post offices and UPS stores for your mailing needs.