Full Service Delis in the Conejo Valley

There's a lot of places where you can buy a roast beef sandwich, but there's only a handful of delis in town that make it that really THICK deli style way.  You know, thick enough to feed two people, thick enough take out half the meat, bring it home, and make 2 more sandwiches out of it.  Price references below were current as of January 2009.

Brent's Deli, established in Northridge in 1967, opened its second location at 2799 Townsgate Road, Westlake Village (in front of the Westlake Hyatt) in Summer 2006.  Phone is 805.557.1882.  Their website at www.brentsdeli.com contains a menu.  This place was immediately popular.  Big, beautiful, well-appointed restaurant.  Great place to have breakfast!    A roast beef sandwich with a side order and pickles is $11.95.  Sounds pricey, but when you see the size of the sandwich you'll understand.  The only minor complaint I have about Brent's is that they don't have a kids' menu.  I've never been disappointed here.

NOTE: The VC Star reports that Roxy's is closing its doors at this location the morning of 6/26/11 but is seeking another location. Established in 1991, Roxy's Deli WAS located at 1345 E. Thousand Oaks Boulevard, Thousand Oaks (just east of Rancho Road).

Agoura's Famous Deli is located at 5915 Kanan Road, Agoura Hills.  It was opened in 1997 by the Lovi family.  Though I don't get over there often, I have enjoyed the food there when I have.  This deli doesn't have the ambience of Brent's or Roxy's, but they serve excellent, New York style food  In fact, I believe the food at Agoura's Famous Deli is better than at Roxy's...just my humble opinion.  Same $11.95 price here for a roast beef sandwich.  Website http://robjordan.biz/Pickles/Agouras_Famous_Deli.html and phone 818.889.9113.

A friend of mine loves the soup at Pickles Deli in Newbury Park, located in the Kohl's Center at 1940 Newbury Road.  My 5 year old loves the chicken strips and hot dogs there.  My 2 year old loves the eggs.  So you can't go too wrong there.  Pickles was opened by the Lovis (see Agoura's Famous Deli) in 1996.  Once again, $11.95 for a rare roast beef sandwich.  Staff are always very pleasant.  Website http://robjordan.biz/Pickles/Pickles_Deli.html and phone 805.480.4800.

Jack's Deli WAS located at 966 Westlake Boulevard in Westlake Village, but it was announced that they closed their doors on Sunday, November 20th, 2011.

The Old New York Deli & Bakery Co. has been in business in Camarillo (4972 Verdugo Way 805.484.DELI) since 1994 and it is a popular joint.  On 11/18/08 they opened a new location at 2700 Teller Road, Newbury Park (805.375.DELI) in the new Loehmann's Shopping Plaza. They have tables but unlike the other delis listed you order from the counter and seat yourself.  So this place is kind of a combination of a bagel/bakery shop and a deli.  The menu is pretty large like the other delis, which to me makes the ordering process intimidating because you're standing there with your neck craned up at a menu the size of the Bible while they await your order.  So to alleviate this just grab a paper menu as you walk in the door. 

The food is pretty good!  Roast beef sandwich is $8.59.  The Turkey Reuben was o.k., though a tad dry.  The hot dog was huge and delicious on a homemade bun!  The fries were decent.  The onion rings were a bit soggy but I'd try them again.  Baked goods are awesome.  Nice selection of colorful little cookies for the kids (AFTER their meal of course!).  Every single employee I've interacted with in both locations has been very nice.  They seem well trained, friendly and focused on the customer.  I tried the FREE WiFi with my laptop in Newbury Park and it worked well, with download speeds at moderately fast 2.9 Mbps.  Visit www.OldNewYork.com for more information and a menu.

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