Elderly Oklahoma Tornado Survivor Discovers Pet Dog Alive During Television Interview

The tornado that devastated Moore, Oklahoma has been terrifying to see. This interview with an elderly woman who survived the tornado is touching in several respects. She is asked what it was like during the tornado; she says she was sitting on a stool with her dog in her arms in a small bathroom. Before she knew it she was lying in rubble. She called for her little dog and indicates the dog is missing and somewhere in the rubble.

The interviewer then asks "Are you able to comprehend yet what happened here?" and I love the woman's response, given with a grin "I know exactly what happened here. Exactly." Then "What do you think of all this, this is your neighborhood...I can't imagine.." and her reply "This is life in the big city." Literally a second later they discover the woman's dog, a little black terrier, alive in the rubble, to the joy of this woman and to all of us.