Conejo Valley Guide Followers Resolve to Pay it Forward and Get Healthy in the New Year

In a random drawing today on the Conejo Valley Guide Facebook page, CVG Facebook fans were asked for a new year's resolution for the fast-approach year 2016.

Tied for first place in the drawing, far ahead of the other responses, was to get healthy and to "pay it forward." 

Giving back, or paying it forward, was a popular choice, with responses like "give back to the community and volunteer," "perform at least one pay it forward moment each month," "look for an opportunity each day to help someone," "put a smile on someone's face every day" and "do more random acts of kindness."  I like that!

After getting healthy/healthier and paying it forward were the following resolutions (in order of number of mentions): Exercise/Play Sports,  Be Happy, Explore New Places, More Family Time, Get Positive, Bet a Better Job and Be a Better Me.

Some other motivational responses:

"Spread the happiness, peace and love this world so dearly needs"

"Be grateful every day for what I have and spend more time with loved ones"

"Smile more and have a more positive attitude"

"Be happy, less stressed and live in the moment"

"Live each day as if it's the last, with much happiness"

"Let the little stuff go and handle the big stuff with grace and deep thought"

"Eat healthier, purge negativity and see the library"

and last but not least, "Stop spending so much time on Facebook."