Camarillo Passes More Restrictive Smoking Regulations Effective May 28th

On April 28th, the City of Camarillo adopted a new Ordinance 1053 that extends smoking restrictions in the city, joining other local cities of Thousand Oaks, Moorpark and Calabasas in an effort to clear the air for non-smokers.

Here are some of the restrictions. Visit the City of Camarillo website for more information about the new law.

Public Places: Wherever the public is permitted or invited, indoors or outdoors, including streets and sidewalks if: 1) they are designated “No Smoking” by City Council Resolution, 2) they are part of a public event, or 3) they are within 25 feet of a no-smoking area.

Dining Areas: Any location, including streets and sidewalks, established for and used by the general public for the consumption of food or drink. This includes bar and restaurant patios, sidewalk cafes, food booths at public events, etc.

Recreation Areas: Any area open to the public for recreational purposes, whether publicly or privately owned and regardless of any fee requirement. This includes all parks, playgrounds, sports fields, fitness centers, picnic areas, walking paths, swimming pools, etc. Golf course fairways are excluded from the prohibition (Camarillo smokers, take note! You might wanna take up golf!)

Service Areas: All areas where services are provided, whether or not the exchange of money is involved, including ticket lines, ATMs, kiosks, bus stops and shelter.

Places of Employment: Any place employees may enter while at work, including indoor and outdoor work areas, construction sites, vehicles used in employment or for business purposes, taxis, employee lounges and restrooms, conference and banquet rooms, bingo and gaming facilities, Retail Tobacco Stores, long-term health care facilities, warehouses, and employee cafeterias and hallways.

Public Events in Outdoor Locations: Sports events, performances, ceremonies, parades, farmers’ markets and fairs, whether in a private venue or on a public street, beginning 60 minutes before the event’s start to 60 minutes after it ends. Parking lots, streets and sidewalks that are part of the event’s permit area are included in this restriction.

Multi-Unit Housing Common Areas: Hallways, laundry rooms, pathways, swimming pools and BBQ areas, etc., but not including parking lot.

Sidewalks: When designated “No Smoking” by City Council Resolution or within 25 feet of building entrances, exits and operable window.

So basically you can smoke in your own home or if you are at least 25 feet away from any non-smoking area. So while you can't smoke at the park, you can smoke in the parking lot if you're 25 feet from the park.  Violations can lead to fines of $100 for first offense, $200 for 2nd offense and $500 for 3rd offense within one year.

Hmm, this will be interesting to see how this plays out at Cronies, Panda Express and other Camarillo eateries with outdoor areas.