Brush Fire Information and Links for Hill Fire and Woolsey Fire November 8, 2018

Hill Fire around 3:15pm on Thursday, Nov 8th, seen from west Los Robles Trail in Newbury Park.

Hill Fire around 3:15pm on Thursday, Nov 8th, seen from west Los Robles Trail in Newbury Park.

The Conejo Valley and nearby areas have been inundated by emergencies, including the Borderline Bar & Grill shooting and the fires - Hill Fire (originated 2:03 pm in the Hill Canyon area of Thousand Oaks/Newbury Park) and the Woolsey Fire (originated 2:25 pm in the Simi Hills near the old Rocketdyne facility, 25000 Woolsey Canyon Road - bordering Canoga Park in Los Angeles County).

While CVG is not a news site and we cannot provide up to the minute updates, we do want to provide information and links to help local resident stay closely dialed in.

For updates including evacuations, shelters, etc., visit Or call (805) 465-6650.

For evacuation notifications, sign up by texting VCAlert to 313131 or visit

If you are a Twitter user, the Ventura County Fire Department Public Information Officer provides periodic updates via Tweets at The VCFD Twitter page also provides updates and some useful "Retweets" from other sources at

Ventura County emergency alert radio stations: KVTA 1590 AMKHAY 100.7 FM, KMLA 103.7 FM (SPANISH)


City of Westlake Village emergency updates: (Woolsey Fire):


  • Ventura County Community Foundation has established a Hill Fire/Woolsey Fire Sudden and Urgent Needs Effort Fund

  • Founded in response to the destruction of the Woolsey Fire, LV Fire Relief raises money and collects goods for families who lost their homes or have been displaced long-term by severe damage to their homes. LV Fire Relief is a community effort by local parents, staff, students, and business owners. Donations are processed with support of the Southeast Ventura YMCA and are tax-deductible. For more information, visit

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Other Updates:

  • National Park Service announced the Western Town at Paramount Ranch has been destroyed by the Woolsey Fire.

  • Peter Strauss Ranch was largely destroyed by the Woolsey Fire.

  • The Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority announced a number of parks it manages are closed as a result of the Woolsey Fire, including Escondido Canyon Park, Las Virgenes View Trail, Triunfo Creek Park, Upper Las Virgenes Canyon Open Space Preserve, Charmlee Wilderness Park, Zev Yaroslavsky Las Virgenes Highlands Park and others. (Updates at

  • The MASH set and Reagan Ranch at Malibu Creek State Park were destroyed by the Woolsey Fire, according to the L.A. Times.

  • Malibu Creek State Park was closed until 12/18/18 due to the Woolsey Fire. State Parks lost some structures, such as employee residences, the historic Sepulveda Adobe, Red House, White Oak Barn and Reagan Ranch. For the latest information on how the wildfires have impacted state parks, visit

  • Other California State Park properties impacted by the Woolsey and Hill Fires, include Leo Carrillo State Park (fire burned through the campground, the visitor center, sector office, employee residences, three lifeguard towers, Leo Shop structures, the Junior Lifeguard Complex and several restrooms) and El Matador Beach.

    • Also temporarily closed, but now re-opened, were Point Mugu State Park, Malibu Lagoon State Beach, Point Dume State Beach, La Piedra and El Pescador Beaches and Topanga State Park.

  • The Morrison Ranch House in Cheeseboro Canyon in Agoura Hills was destroyed by the fire.

  • The Hill Canyon Bridge in Thousand Oaks was torched and we be closed for at least several weeks until repaired.

  • The replica Chumash Village at Oakbrook Regional Park in Thousand Oaks was destroyed by the Woolsey Fire.

  • Conejo Open Space closed until further notice. Follow the COSCA Facebook Page for updates.

    • Opening 11/16: Los Robles, Rancho Potrero, Dos Vientos, Tarantula Hill

    • Opening 11/17: Wildwood

    • Closed until further notice: Hill Canyon, Western Plateau, Conejo Canyons, Lang Ranch, Woodridge, Oakbrook, Hillcrest and North Ranch open space areas.

    • As of mid-January 2019: All open except Hill Canyon Bridget and Oakbrook open space.

  • Rancho Simi Rec & Park District parks/trails closed (as of 11/19/18):

    • Corriganville, Coyote Hills and Challenger parks in Simi Valley and Eagle View Park in Oak Park.

    • Wood Ranch Trailhead open space area and Long Canyon Trail

    • Oak Canyon Community Park

    • Update at

  • ABC News list of homes burned by Woolsey Fire.

  • Woolsey Fire

    • 83,250 acres as of 7pm 11/10. 5% containment. Full containment expected by 11/15. 177 structures destroyed; 2 damaged.

    • 83,275 acres as of 7am 11/11. 10% containment. Full containment expected 11/17. 177 structures, destroyed, 2 damaged.

    • 85,500 acres as of 7pm 11/11. 15% containment. Full containment 11/17. 2 civilian casualties. 3 firefighter injuries.

    • 11/12 7pm: 93,662 acres, 30% containment. Full containment now 11/15. Preliminary estimate 435 structures destroyed;.

    • 11/13 7am: 96,314 acres, 435+ structures destroyed; 24 damaged. 35% containment. Full containment pushed back to 11/18.

    • 11/13 7pm: 97,114 acres, 40% containment; full containment still 11/18.

    • 11/15 7am: 98,362 acres, 57% containment. 504 structures destroyed (483 prelim; assessment ongoing - 370 confirmed destroyed and 96 confirmed damaged). Full containment expected by 11/19.

    • 11/15 7pm: 98,362 acres, 62% contained, 548 structures destroyed, 157 damaged. 3 civilian casualties, 3 firefighter injuries. Full containment by 11/19.

    • 11/16 7am: 98,362 acres, 69% contained. 616 structures destroyed; 183 damaged. Full containment by 11/19.

    • 11/16 7pm: 98,362 acres, 69% contained. 713 structures destroyed; 201 damaged. Full containment 11/19.

    • 11/17 7pm: 98,362 acres, 84% contained. 1,008 structures destroyed; 271 damaged. Full containment 11/22.

    • 11/18 7pm 96,949 acres (must have done a reassessment), 91% contained. 1,452 structures destroyed, 337 damaged.

    • 11/19 7am 96,949 acres, 94% contained. 1,500 structures destroyed, 341 damaged. Full containment 11/22.

    • 11/19 7pm No change other than 96% contained.

    • 11/20 6:30pm: 96,949 acres, 98% contained; full containment expected tomorrow. 1,643 structures destroyed; 364 damaged.

    • 11/21 6:30pm: 96,949 acres, 100% contained!

  • Hill Fire

    • 4,531 acres as of 7pm 11/10. 65% containment; full containment expected by 11/15. 2 structures destroyed; 2 damaged.

    • 7am 11/11 - No change other than 70% containment.

    • 7pm 11/11 - No change other than 75% containment.

    • 7pm 11/12 - 4,531 acres; 80% containment.

    • 7am 11/13 - same acreage, 90% containment

    • 7pm 11/13 - same acreage; 92% containment

    • 7am 11/15 - same acreage; 97% containment. Full containment anticipated tomorrow.

    • 7pm 11/15 - same acreage; 99% containment; full containment 11/16.

    • 11/16: Fully contained! Cal Fire seeks the public’s help determining what appears to be human cause to the fire. Possible $10K reward.

  • Pepperdine University has announced that classes will be cancelled until after Thanksgiving as a result of the Woolsey Fire.

  • CSUCI has announced it has suspended classes through Thanksgiving, though the campus itself will be open November 15-21.

  • Schools in the Conejo Valley, Oak Park and Las Virgenes Unified School District have closed through the Thanksgiving holiday.