Breaking News!! First Case of Rabbit Flu Discovered in the Conejo Valley!


One year ago, the H1N1 flu (often referred to as "swine" flu) virus was first detected.  Conejo Valley Guide has been compiling global swine flu updates since then.

Today, April 1, 2010, Conejo Valley public health officials reported their first confirmed case of a new form of influenza, the Bunny Flu, in a local Thousand Oaks resident.  Typical symptoms of Bunny Flu include fever, runny nose and unexplained displays of EGG (Excessive Grass Grazing).  Nausea is additional symptom of Bunny and Rabbit Flu (BARF).

According to Dr. Pete R. Wrabett, Human and Rabbit Expert (HARE) at South Dakota State University (Home of the Jackrabbits), "This is the first known case of Bunny Flu, but there is no cause fur immediate concern. However, due to the abundance of rabbits in the Conejo Valley, one must take a few precautions."

Wrabett's advice includes:

  • Wash hands after coming into contact with Easter Bunny.
  • Limit carrot consumption to one bunch per day.
  • If one feels compelled to hop for extended periods of time, visit Jolly Jumps to get it out of your system.

In other news, it is reported that several wild rabbits in Sycamore Canyon are showing signs of Irritable Bunny Syndrome (IBS). Apparently between the months of rains we've had this winter, the winds and the ever-present coyotes, local rabbits are hopping mad.